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Oscar Ruggeri’s outrage after listening to the audios of Diego Maradona’s doctor: “They used it”

Ruggeri spoke after listening to the audios of Maradona’s doctor

Editing the program F90 it started in a different way. This Monday, the driver Sebastian Vignolo chose to put aside the daily news about Argentine sports and chose to take out his anger after listening to the audios of the doctor Leopoldo Luque that were published on Sunday in Infobae.

To the anger of the journalist for the “coldness” with which the neurosurgeon referred to Diego Armando Maradona in a dialogue with the psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov hours before the world knew that the greatest idol of the Argentine national team had died, the indignation of Oscar Ruggeri.

Who was a partner of Ten, and now he is a panelist for the cycle broadcast by the signal ESPNHe was shocked by the content of those recordings and pointed directly against Luque: “I understand that he is not a doctor who goes, operates on you and goes home; he was supposedly the friend, from what I heard. The only one Diego let be next to, they were friends. That surprised me when I listened to the audios yesterday. When they say ‘No, doctors are cold’, no. When you have a friend, you don’t throw things away. I couldn’t believe it yesterday”.

“I said ‘no, it’s not true that something like this happens,'” insisted the former captain of the Argentine team: “How crazy to treat your friend like that”.

The exclusive audios between Maradona’s neurosurgeon and psychiatrist

In a slow and calm tone, Ruggeri assured that these audios show how little affection these people had with Maradona: “That is typical of when we sometimes say that they use us. They used it and yes, they used it, to be in the photo and then disappear. For me it was like this”. And he added: “They used it, they became known … now we have to see. You like to be next to this, now you have to bank it. I don’t know what Justice will determine, but the next one must be taken. I don’t know how everything will end ”.

Visibly moved, the former River, Boca and San Lorenzo footballer, among other clubs, only asked that his friend rest: “May he be at peace, by God. But it will never end with this one, we will not be there and things will continue to appear ”.

For its part, Vignolo was harsher in his comment and pointed against the environment that surrounded the star in his later years and, like Ruggeri, was outraged by the way Luque spoke of him: “I could not believe the coldness with which they spoke, like someone organizing a football with friends.”

I felt it with contempt, with such an incredible way of speaking in such a dramatic moment, so hard for everyone, “he insisted, and assured:” My soul ached for how they treated Maradona. That guy who made us dream, who was and continues to be our ambassador, they were treating him that way ”.

The audios broadcast by Infobae correspond to the conversation they had Luque with Cosachov for half an hour on November 25, 2020, before the news was confirmed by the media. There, the former doctor tells the psychiatrist: “It seems that he is dead. Post that he’s dead ”, in an incomprehensible tone considering the seriousness of the news.

Minutes later, the same neurosurgeon sent an audio to one of his friends that a friend of his had sent him with a graph television where Maradona’s death was reported: “Yes, jerk, it seems that he did a cardiorespiratory arrest and is going to shit dying the fat man. No idea what he did. I’m going there “, he replied, while in the residence there was an ambulance team with paramedics who had tried to revive the Ten.

According to the information published by Martín Candalaft, it is not ruled out that in the coming days the defendants Luque and Cosachov will be called for an investigation.


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