Oshi No Ko Chapter 137 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know


Oshi No Ko Chapter 137 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

In the upcoming 137th chapter of Oshi No Ko, the story takes a touching turn in the world of stars, where dreams flicker in the bright light. Fans eagerly anticipate the curtain rise as the stage is prepared for a gripping reckoning that delves further into the intricate lives of the main characters.

For Gorou, the quiet ob-gyn, his world of clean labs and quiet diagnoses couldn’t be more different from the exciting buzz of the star world. But fate sets up an unlikely clash that sends him into the orbit of Ai Hoshino, the star he loves.

The star that seemed far away turns into a real thing, and their lives become tangled up in a web of secrets, desires, and the strong hold of the past. Everywhere, people are eagerly waiting for Chapter 137 to come out. Until then, they’re busy guessing what exciting new developments will happen in the story.

Chapter 137 should reveal a new development in this complicated story. All eyes focus on Ruby, who is poised to become Ai’s child, while the lingering memories of Ai’s goodbye continue to evoke sadness.

Tensions are building up behind the scenes as she channels Ai’s feelings in a heartbreaking performance. What secret facts will this raw show bring to light? Will this raw show heal the hurts that fans thought were fixed, or will it widen the gap between idols and fans?

Oshi No Ko Chapter 137 Release Date:

The authorities have announced that Chapter 137 of Oshi No Ko will be released on January 18, 2024. The publication date will be different in each place, so the new part may have a lot to offer in terms of plot.

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Oshi No Ko Chapter 137 Storyline:

The music video for “15 Years Lie,” which was shot at the start of the chapter, featured former members of B-Komachio. Akane and Arima’s great acts elevated the lesson to a high level.

Ruby wanted to be as smart as them, so she carefully watched what they did. There were almost thirteen tries when it was Ruby’s turn to act. Ruby wanted to know more about the director’s idea because she was interested in it.

Despite being told not to think too much about her character, Ruby felt annoyed when she learned about Ai’s complicated feelings and deepest secrets. Mem-cho’s acting was fine, but Kana told her to loosen up because her character didn’t have much to say.

But Taishi wasn’t at ease. Ruby, who was annoyed by having to do so many reshoots, told Taishi how unhappy she was with her performance, which made Taishi happy. Kana told Ruby that she should learn from her mother and emphasized Taishi’s method of focusing on feelings.

At the end of the story, Kana warns about the way Taishi works. Ai Hoshino’s revelation as a secret member of the singing group LIPPS in the latest episode of Oshi No Ko had significant effects. Uneasy and skeptical, the public paid close attention to Ai and her agency’s goals and dependability.

Fans had a range of feelings when their favorite hero came back. Some people were happy, but others felt lied to and angry. I was shocked to hear the news. I wondered how Ai lived through the crash and why she hid her name.

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He was happy to find out that his mother was still alive, but she had betrayed him, and he was worried about her safety. Kou chose to set up a meeting with Ai. Before going ahead with the plan, Kou’s boss told him about a chance to be on a famous talk show with Ai Hoshino.

Kou jumped at the chance to ask Ai for more information. Kou received a warm welcome at the studio at the end of the chapter. On a couch, Ai looked scared and sorry, and they led Kou to the stage for a private conversation with the host.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 136 Recap:

People who read the earlier part of the book found it interesting to see how Aqua talked to Gotanda about Ai, which made them think about it. Ruby then asked Ai if she had reached the lowest point in her existence or if she wept when circumstances were hard for her. At this point, Aqua was also confused.

For this reason, he said that he was sure his mother wouldn’t have cried, but that was just his opinion. Because of how Gotanda has been feeling throughout this entire period, he has no idea what is going on right now and is doing his best to record Ai’s story.

Gotanda promised Ruby that she would be okay with everything, even though it would be hard for her. She has Kana with her, so this will pretty much change everything for them.

Another thing was that things got hot between Ruby and Kana, which showed that things have gotten even worse over time. This made Aqua and Gotanda doubt their friendship and have other worries about it.

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Aqua was informed that the shooting would be significant due to the fame and talent of the two actors. As the last episode left off, the next one will pick up right where it left off and should show more of the work of the two actors.

Since Aqua and Gotanda are friends online, they are going to have a lot to think about and decide. This will take the story to a new, more interesting level in the next parts.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 137 Trailer Release:

Where To Watch Oshi No Ko Chapter 137?

People who want to read Oshi no Ko chapter 137 can do so on Shueisha’s Manga Plus website as well as the mobile app. Readers can get to all the chapters in a comic series through the mobile app.

But there is a catch: you can only read the first three chapters and the final three chapters of the comic series again. When a new chapter is released, it changes the three most recent chapters. Readers should make sure they stay up-to-date on the latest chapters.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 137 Raw Scan Release Date:

Fans are counting down the days until the English raw scan release of Oshi No Ko Chapter 137 on January 15, 2024. Lovers of Oshi No Ko can’t wait for the raw scans to come out, which makes the current comic series even more exciting.