OTC ointment will eliminate Corona Virus, claims US drug company – will work


Corona Virus: A US pharmaceutical company has claimed to prepare an ointment that can be used to eliminate corona virus infection. Scientists at the company said that FDA-registered ‘Non-Prescription Over the Counter’ (OTC) ointments have proven their ability to prevent, treat and eradicate other viral infections, including the corona virus. Also Read – WHO told when the corona epidemic will end, how much will have to wait, know

“The report from the laboratory showed that no infection causing infection was found after T3X treatment,” the company said in a statement. The company claims that these ointments will be effective in eradicating the corona virus. Also Read – Bihar suffering from Corona hit: Assembly elections will be very expensive for Nitish government this time

Dr. Brian Huber, founder of Advanced Penetration Technology, said, “We hope that this will prove to be an important discovery that will reduce the possibility of the corona virus entering the nose.” Also Read – Big news: Metro will start running again in Delhi from next month, what will be the rules-law, know

The company’s statement said that London-based research laboratory “Virology Research Services Ltd” evaluated the antiviral effect of the drug on the corona virus (NL63) and “influenza A” virus and found it to be very effective in fighting the corona virus Is effective.


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