Our religion has the potential to become a world guru, but due to foreigners, it has become a ‘religion’ only: Bhagwat


Bhopal: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s Sarsanghchalak Mohan Rao Bhagwat said that the spirit of self-reliance should be permanently established in the society, the work of social leadership should be changed in a permanent sense, efforts should be made to make it possible, because the change of society is not possible with the help of governments. He said that our religion has the potential to become a world guru, but foreigners presented its misconception, due to which today our religion has remained only as a religion. He said this somewhere during the online launch of a book. Also Read – Javed Akhtar of Jharkhand arrested for threatening to kill MP’s Protem Speaker from Odisha

Sangh chief Bhagwat, who visited Madhya Pradesh capital Bhopal, said in a meeting of the regional executive board of the central region on Friday that in the era of world-class epidemic corona, the faith in the society has increased, due to which many new activists and organizations in this period union Have come in contact with. Organizing this gentle power that came in contact with the Sangh, it is necessary to give more momentum to the efforts to get work done in the middle of the society. Also Read – Bolldozer on illegal construction of Congress MLA protesting against French President in Bhopal

He said that efforts are also to be made to motivate the new cadres who came in contact with the Sangh to work directly to solve the questions of the society, this gentle power of the society for social harmony, environment, family issues etc. Work and the work of social leadership should be changed in a permanent sense, because it is not possible to change society depending on the governments. Social change is possible through social leadership, in this period of Corona, the solution of the questions of the entire society has been possible only through the society. Also Read – Prabhakar Kelkar, senior RSS pracharak passed away, CM Shivraj expressed grief

Emphasizing that the Sangh branches should be set up in the field, the Sarsanghchalak said that during the time of Corona, the work of the Sangh was going on virtually. Now, by bringing the same work in the middle of the society gradually, the work of giving speed is also to be done. It was not possible to place the Sangh branch on the ground under the adverse circumstances of Corona, but now this task has to be brought to the direct ground level keeping in mind all the qualifications of Corona and taking the branches in small groups on the field.

Om Prakash Sisodia, the state publicity chief of Madhya Pradesh, has told that other topics were discussed in the meeting. Officials said that many projects are being run across the country by volunteers for environmental protection, in which various organizations and activists of the Sangh for water conservation are working to conserve water by sacking them. Similarly, many awareness campaigns are being conducted by the workers to ensure that the most harmful plastic to the environment is not used by the society.

Similarly, under the special activity of environmental protection, plantation works are being done by the workers at many places across the country, and Ayurvedic and medicinal plants are being planted at the homes, explaining the importance of trees to the people.


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