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Outrage over video of UFC star shooting wild boar from helicopter

UFC fighter Joe Jones killed a wild boar from a helicopter

For these hours the UFC fighter Jon Jones has returned to be news in the main news portals of the world due to a new extra-sports and controversial episode that has him as the protagonist. The American was filmed while shooting a wild boar from a helicopter in a scene that generated outrage and condemnation.

After many users were angered by the images, he posted a provocative message to them: “I apologize if this video makes some of you feel uncomfortable, at the same time that I am excited that my shipment of meat arrives at Albuquerque ”.

“I took my time with that first shot to make sure the animal didn’t suffer. I bet half of the offended eat hot dogs and bacon every day. “, he sentenced. Jones He fired six shots at the wild boar, which fell after the first impact, from a moving helicopter flying over fields in the area.

Jon Jones is one of the best fighters in the UFC (USA TODAY Sports)
Jon Jones is one of the best fighters in the UFC (USA TODAY Sports)

It is not the first time that the American, who has a 26 win and 1 loss record in MMA, has been shown with a gun. On your Instagram account he often shares videos while practicing in his shooting sessions and photos with different large-caliber rifles.

In November, the consecrated 33-year-old fighter posted a video from home security cameras, in Albuquerque. In the images, the assailant could be seen walking through the garden of his residence in which he has a fleet of private cars. “The next time you try to rob someone, make sure you are fast enough to get over it.”He wrote on his Instagram account, in which he also asked for the opinion of his more than five million followers.

In March 2020 the champion of the UFC semi-heavy he had been detained in Albuquerque when police located him driving while intoxicated and with a firearm. The fact was revealed by the North American chain Koat, which indicated that the officers went to the central avenue after having heard shots in the area. There they visualized a vehicle with the engine running and that had in the driver’s seat the best fighter pound for pound. Bones He claimed to have no connection to the shooting and the officers decided to carry out a breathalyzer control when they noticed that he was apparently under the influence of alcohol: had at least twice as much blood alcohol as allowed by law.

The agents of the security force took him to the Albuquerque (New Mexico) police station and there they released him. hours later after the payment of a deposit.

Jones is light heavyweight champion (AP)
Jones is light heavyweight champion (AP)

While he has a long history of problems outside the Octagon, the most recent and thorny legal dispute developed in mid-2019 when he was accused of sexual assault on a waitress at an Albuquerque nightclub: they warned that he had strangled and beaten in the genital area to the woman. “Do not believe everything they say on the Internet,” he defended Bones on their social networks. While his press agent stated at the time: “They released a false accusation. He, along with multiple witnesses, are ready to refute the malicious lies that have been told. Months later, the Justice closed the case but imposed not get involved in legal trouble or use drugs for 90 days.

When it comes to sports Jon Jones hasn’t fought since February 8, 2020, the day in which he beat Dominick Reyes in the main event at UFC 247. Now, everything seems to indicate that he is preparing to move up to the heavyweight category to continue making history.


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