Outriders, 19 Essential Tips and Tricks for Newcomers


Have you started your path as an Outrider? The new People Can Fly game is a very ambitious project that they have been preparing for the last 5 years, mixing the concept of shooter with coverage of the Gears of War franchise with the essence of the most classic looters. We kill bugs and enemies, get loot, and start over.

But it is in its structure, in the different missions, in the multiple classes and abilities, where we understand that Outriders is much more than it seems. We wanted to prepare these 19 tips and tricks that will come in handy to know if you have just started the adventure or are thinking of doing it.

19 essential outrider tips and tricks

Follow these tips and tricks from Outriders to get the most out of the game. You can always play on your own from the beginning and discover what the adventure holds for you on your own, learning from your successes and mistakes, but a few small recommendations never hurt.

  • Healing in Outrider is one of the essential skills that you should prioritize in your builds, especially in the first round of history. All classes have some ability that will allow you to heal in combat, so play until you can unlock it and equip it in one of your three active slots. The Devastators and Tricksters classes gain health when they kill enemies in close range, you can take advantage of it, but if you choose Technomancers it is best to stay behind in firefights.
  • When you have completed the Prologue for the first time you will be able to skip a good part of it when you want to start a new game with another character. This is great if you want to try another of the classes without wasting so much time at the beginning.
  • The difficulty in Outriders is largely determined by world levels. These are increasing and are unlocked as we progress and we gain experience, but at any time we can change it. Our recommendation is that you always play at the maximum unlocked level but that you go down in level if any encounter is excessively complicated.
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  • You can play Outriders alone enjoying the entire experience without problems, although remember that the cooperative mode is always available so that teams of 3 players can take on the most complicated challenges more easily. There is matchmaking, in case you don’t have friends to play with.
  • In this regard, Outriders has a crossplay option, so you can play with players from platforms other than yours. This option has recently been disabled due to server problems, but in principle it will always be active.
  • Side missions are very important in Outriders, as they not only provide a good amount of experience and final rewards, but also serve to unlock new merchants and other additional map features. Do them whenever you can and do not have the need to save them for last to take advantage of the rewards: they can be replayed as many times as you want.
  • Each class has fast reload abilities, and in less than 20 seconds you can use them again. Use them whenever you can to deal as much damage as possible and also to control enemy groups. Save them for when you need them, but don’t leave them forgotten either.
  • Look for the enemies that throw grenades. They are the first ones that should be in your sights because they will do you a lot of damage while in cover. The same goes for those with sniper rifles: prioritize their casualties or you’ll have a hard time.
  • All classes can use any type of weapon, but you must use them well. Take a good look at your unlocked upgrades and gear perks, as many will boost some weapons over others.
  • Each class has three main skill trees that significantly change the way you play. Take some time to see all the improvements and unlocks of the future to prioritize the path that you like the most.
  • You will have 20 points to be able to use in the class skill tree, so don’t think that you can unlock all of them. That is why you must be selective. You will always be able to reassign points for free, so don’t be afraid to try or experiment depending on each situation.
  • It is not a good idea to stay in a hidden cover throughout the battle, since the enemies will not hesitate to flank you, run towards you, throw grenades … it is best that you keep moving continuously and taking advantage of the characteristics of your class.
  • There are several options in the settings menu that will allow you to select the rarity of the items you want to collect automatically. Do it, so you can collect everything you want automatically and you will not fill the inventory with objects that are not useful.
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  • In the first hours of play it will be more useful to sell your common (white) and uncommon (green) objects rather than dismantling them, as this will give you more useful resources. Another good option is to upgrade common items to uncommon and then to rare (using crafting when you have unlocked it) to dismantle them when they are blue, so you can get modifiers and iron.
  • Don’t forget to take a good look at the different menus from time to time, as you may have unlocked skills, rewards, points, or anything else without even realizing it.
  • When facing the most powerful enemies, it is very important to know when and how to stop their special attacks. Look at the orange bar that appears above them: it is time to use some of your skills to stop these attacks. Take a good look at them from the menu, as the ones that allow these stops are indicated.
  • Some boss abilities are very difficult to avoid, interrupt, or dodge, so learn when they do them and what damage they do so you are always prepared in battle.
  • But be careful with the abilities you use to interrupt, because enemies are intelligent and adapt to them. If you use one very regularly they will end up resisting it, so change them from time to time to avoid it.
  • When you reach world level 4, legendary items will start to appear. They are the most powerful and useful in the game, so try to open all the chests you find and kill all the bosses and captains to try to get all the possible ones.
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Have these tips and tricks from Outriders been helpful? Enjoy the game and do not hesitate to experiment, because the good thing is that it allows a lot of room for each player to enjoy the experience in their own way.