Outriders – Explain why servers went down at launch


Outriders it is having a good reception in general and has aroused the interest of many users, among other things because of how accessible it has been (it has even been on Game Pass from day one). But in its early hours, many players were hit by a sudden server crash. Yes, we know that it is common, and nothing to worry about, that we already know each other in online games. However, what was striking this time was that it happened right there, at launch.

Now, the developer Square Enix has spoken through its Community Manager, Tobias Palm, which has explained why. According to his account, the developers were facing a complex flaw that they had not experienced at any time with the demo of the game that came out this year. And this is because some metric calls were breaking the game’s external database; it is the database used to store armor, add-ons, profiles and even progression, Gamerant tells us.

Indeed, during that “fall”, the progression of many was lost, sowing panic among the dedicated community, who really wanted to get into their Outriders strong. Speaking of the game: a couple of days ago it came to light that despite what it might seem, a memory of the dialogue with Jakub Dabrowski on Earth (in which he says that he saved our character from a crowd in Damascus, and he recalls saving his friend from a “redneck riot that swept through DC”), it has nothing to do with the recent Washington Capitol riots.

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