Outriders: the game’s “engaged” dialogue is a coincidence


Rarely is the time that we do not have to echo a complaint raised by some dialogue in a game, and it is that offenses (or relating things) are the order of the day. Today’s affected is none other than the recent Outriders, in which a conversation has made them begin to connect the dots (imaginary, obviously) with something from reality, and very recent.

It is a memory of the dialogue with Jakub Dabrowski on Earth. He talks about when he saved our character from a crowd in Damascus, and he reminds him of when he saved his friend from a “redneck riot that swept through DC.”

Outriders Is a New Co-op Shooter From the Bulletstorm Developer - E3 2019

White and in the bottle: everyone has thought that it is about the riots in which they took the US Capitol on January 6 before a controversial situation generated by the elections in which Joe Biden was elected president. The Kotaku medium has contacted Square Enix about it, and they assure that it is a coincidence.

“We wrote and recorded the script for Outriders two years before that happened, so everything is fiction and not related to the history of the game. Any similarities with real world situations are coincidence” they have said, echo in Comicbook .

You know, it is not related, but it seems that they have marked a whole Simpsons, because if 2 years ago after the recording, they nailed that something could happen … and that is that coincidences exist, and our community has always loved to relate things .

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