Outriders updates the demo, which already has 2 million players


People Can Fly will update the demo of Outriders to address player activity and correct mistakes. A major change will make it harder to farm legendary items in the demo, after players discover a ‘loot cave’ amid other unwanted feats.

The full patch notes can be found on Reddit, where a Square Enix representative notes that the popular demo has already been downloaded by more than 2 million players since its release on February 25, 2021.

The patch, which will arrive later today, will adjust health stats and prevent players from being able to farm legendary items with an exploit that players had discovered. What People Can Fly have done is basically fix the situation so that those chests no longer drop legendary loot. Also, stores and vendors will not present such items either. Alternatively, repeating side quests will now offer a chance to earn Legendary loot, to incentivize a more honest farming method. The publication notes that some of the exploits found were not “within the spirit of the game”, so the developers are intervening.

People Can Fly also warned that those who have already used the exploits in the demo could see their progression affected in the main game when it launches next month. “While we have balanced the main game with a certain progression system, this progression can be affected by the large amount of gear and / or mods in the demo.”, the publication reads. “As some players are achieving a lot (for example by acquiring multiple Legendary items) within the demo content, their experience of parts of the main game may be affected.”.

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A patch that will be released early next week will also add requested features such as a Motion Blur feature, and will implement adjustments to load time and frame rate, as well as fix various crashes on all platforms.

On the other hand, looking ahead, People Can Fly is looking at a number of issues to address, including camera shake in game scenes, items disappearing from player inventories, and players cheating.

Remember that Outriders will be released on April 1 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Of course, the demo is available on all these platforms. Oh, and on top of that it has Cross Game.