Outside Lands 2023 The Weather Will Be Foggy And Cold In Golden Gate Park Because Of A Curse


Outside Lands 2023 The Weather Will Be Foggy And Cold In Golden Gate Park Because Of A Curse:

In late August, the west end of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park rarely has nice weather, and this weekend’s Outside Lands event won’t be an exception. The usual fog and chill will be there.

Festival-goers should plan to bring a lot of extra clothes to the 15th outdoor music festival, which will take place from Friday to Sunday, August 11–13. The Pulitzer Prize-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar, the veteran rock band Foo Fighters, and the electronic music pair Odesza will be the headliners.

Gerry Daz Stated That Friday Will Be A Normal Day:

The Chronicle’s in-house meteorologist, Gerry Daz, says that the “weather curse” of Outside Lands will happen again this year. He says that Friday will be a normal Fogust day: cold, dark, and windy.

“Look for morning fog as well as drizzle when the gates open,” Daz said. “Eventually, after 2 p.m., the sun will come out, but afternoon highs are going to remain around 60 degrees.

After 4 Pm Wind Will Be Increase And It Feels Even Cooler:

After 4 p.m., the wind will pick up, making some of the later sets feel even cooler. After dusk, fog and mist come back, which brings the temperature down to the 50s through the conclusion of the initial night.

Even though the days are usually nice, the park’s position close to the Pacific Ocean usually makes the nights cold, windy, and foggy. It makes sense that blankets and jackets are the most popular items at the merchandise stands during the evening shows.

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The Chronicle’s Weather Team Said That The Weekend Will Be Warmer:

The Chronicle’s weather team says that this weekend will be warmer, with morning fog giving way to afternoon sun and temperatures in Polo Field, Hellman Hollow, Speedway Meadow, as well as Marx Meadow hitting the upper 60s on Saturday and the lower 70s on Sunday.

“But don’t leave that sweater behind. After 4 p.m., the wind will pick up, and the temperature will drop quickly to 60 degrees,” Daz said.

Only Clear Plastic Backpacks Are Allowed:

Backpacks, even ones with a zipper, are not allowed, but people can put their hats, gloves, as well as raincoats within clear plastic, vinyl, as well as PVC bags.

There are bins on site where clothes and scarves can be kept during the warmer parts of the day. There are plenty of additional methods to stay warm at the event, like dancing within the SoMa Tent or on Dolores’ stage, huddling with friends, or drinking hot chocolate.

San Francisco’s Biggest Music Event Was Coming To Golden Gate Park:

Outside Lands, San Francisco’s biggest music event, is coming to Golden Gate Park this weekend with a schedule for 2023 that includes Kendrick Lamar, Megan Thee Stallion, as well as La Doa, a local star from San Francisco.

But if you got a ticket to this three-day event, which starts on Friday, August 11, and goes through Sunday, August 13, but is now sold out, you might have questions about plans, parking, public transportation, road closures, the bag policy, as well as other things.

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After all, Outside Lands will be a huge, wide event that takes over an important portion of Golden Gate Park as well as has a big effect on many parts of San Francisco’s Richmond and Sunset neighborhoods.

How To Live Stream Outside Lands 2023:

From Friday, August 11, to Sunday, August 13, you can watch the festival upon Prime Video as well as the Amazon Music feed upon Twitch beginning at 1 p.m. PDT each day.

Prime members can watch the Outside Lands stream upon Prime Video in their computer or with the Prime Video app. If you haven’t tried Amazon Prime as of yet, now is an excellent opportunity to do so. You’ll be able to watch Prime Video instantly and for free, and you’ll get a lot of other great benefits as well.

On The Amazon Music Channel, You Can See:

If you use Twitch, you can watch the livestream by going to the Amazon Music feed on your computer or via the Twitch app.

Now that you have everything you require to enjoy the video, check into the Official Outside Lands Playlist upon Amazon Music to get yourself ready for all the great acts.

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