Over The Labor Day Weekend, Sarah Jessica Parker Went To Hamptons Beach With Her Twin Daughters


Over The Labor Day Weekend, Sarah Jessica Parker Went To Hamptons Beach With Her Twin Daughters:

In And Just Like That, Carrie Bradshaw might have just moved into a gorgeous New York City home, yet Sarah Jessica Parker has a home that is just as nice.

She gave fans a sneak peek through the Hamptons home she shared alongside her husband, Matthew Broderick, which made fans very happy. In a video shared to Instagram, SJP walks along the deck of her oceanfront home and pans out to show her fans the view of the ocean from her Hamptons house.

“Wow, this is such a beautiful place! What’s that?” One fan asked, and another said, “Wow, the ocean sounds great!” Sarah and Matthew’s house is in Amagansett, Long Island. Last year, the star put the dreamy property on Booking.com as so that people could stay there.

SJP Showed That She Is As Good With Words As Carrie Bradshaw:

On her post, SJP showed that she has a comparable way with words as Carrie Bradshaw. She wrote, “I’m thrilled to welcome visitors into our little home away from home through the beach, as well as hope the cozy space we’ve made in our Hamptons cottage was exactly what the doctor ordered.”

“Guests will get a taste of all that Amagansett has to offer while doing some of my favorite things in the area, like relaxing in the private backyard surrounded through fresh ocean air, spending days reading as well as relaxing at the beach, and eating at some of my favorite local restaurants, like Nick & Toni’s and Lobster Roll.

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“We want our guests to feel at home, so please feel free to kick off your footwear, go to the fully stocked bar, and take a look at all the old appliances we’ve collected over the years.”

Since 1997, Sarah Has Been Happily Married To The Star From Ferris Bueller’s Day Off:

The six-time Golden Globe winner is married to the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off star since 1997, and they have three children together. The couple met within 1991 through SJP’s brothers Pippin and Toby. They hit it off because they both liked theater.

In How to Succeed within Business Without Really Trying, which was on Broadway in 1996, Parker and Broderick played opposite each other for the first time. They got married at the Angel Orensanz Synagogue within New York City in 1997, about a year before the first episode of her famous show.

Along with Sarah’s description of the property, Booking.com produced this about the beautiful home: “Just steps from the beautiful beach, Sarah Jessica Parker’s charming 1940s beach cottage has a path that leads to one of the more private beaches within the Dunes. The beach is only a two- to three-minute walk from the cottage.”

Three Bedroom Cottage Is The Perfect Place To Relax By The Sea:

“With a dreamy closet full of shoes from Sarah Jessica’s luxury line and a home bar stocked alongside Thomas Ashbourne, the three-bedroom homemade is the perfect seaside retreat to kick off your shoes, relax in front of her beautiful brick fireplace, as well as treat yourself to a charcuterie board and SJP’s ready-to-serve Perfect Cosmo.

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The dreamy getaway has a big deck surrounded by lots of greenery and a completely personal backyard where you can relax.