Overwatch 2 rules out making more public betas: Blizzard focuses on the last weeks of development


The last test was carried out by the character of Junker Queen, although it was not the only novelty.

Overwatch users do not miss any of the news related to the next Overwatch 2, as it has already been confirmed that this new version will replace the title released back in 2016 with a free to play proposal. This is one of the many reasons why the community has not hesitated to participate in the public betasalthough it seems that we will not have more opportunities to try Blizzard’s hero-shooter.

We do not plan any additional public betasJon SpectorSo he comments Jon Spectorbusiness lead and developer VP, in a Twitter post: “We know players are eager to dig deeper and have received questions about the possibility of a third public beta. While we continue to test Overwatch 2 internally, we do not plan any additional public beta.”

However, the participation of the players in the previous tests has been of great help to finish polishing some edges of the game, according to the manager: “With all the valuable feedback we have received from our public betas alpha and 2, we will focus our efforts to release the best possible game on 4th of October“In this way, we have to wait until the date mentioned if we want to return to the games of the hero-shooter.

But Blizzard’s work will not end with the release of Overwatch 2, as the development team will follow a roadmap that already has new heroes, seasons and unreleased game modes. Here, we discover that the multiplayer title’s campaign will be introduced in a staggered fashion, so we can expect PvE content sometime in the future. 2023.

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