P. Chidambaram asked the government – how will the MSP of farmers’ grain be ensured, will there be any magic?

new Delhi: Two bills related to agriculture were passed in Parliament on Sunday, after which former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram asked the government how it would ensure that farmers get minimum support price (MSP) for their products. He tweeted, “Agriculture Minister says that the government guarantees that farmers will get MSP. Even today private business is happening. The price being paid to the farmers is less than the MSP. If the Agriculture Minister would magically ensure the MSP, why did he not do it so far? ” Also Read – Chidambaram lashed out at the government, said- ‘India is such a unique parliamentary democracy where questions are not allowed’

Chidambaram said, “How will the minister know which farmer sold his produce to which merchant? How will he know about the millions of transfers that happen every day in the country? If they do not have the data, then how will they guarantee the MSP in every transaction? ” He said, “Do the ministers and the government think that the farmers are so stupid that they will believe in the government’s hollow promises?” Also Read – How should Modi government save the sinking economy? Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram gave these special suggestions

Taking a dig at the Modi government for not fulfilling the promises, he asked whether the government was able to put Rs 15 lakh in the account of every Indian? Could the government double the income of farmers? Could the government create 2 crore jobs every year? Also Read – Congress leader Chidambaram said this about making Hindi the official language

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