Pamela Anderson Loves The Funny Side Of Getting Older And Talked About Her Funny Look


Pamela Anderson Loves The Funny Side Of Getting Older And Talked About Her Funny Look:

It didn’t take her long to gain a popular name. Now, almost 35 years later, her life looks very different than it did back then. In fact, she says she smiles at herself when she stares within the mirror.

In an interview alongside Elle, Anderson talked about how her style has changed from the wild, well-known style of the 1990s to the more simple style she has now. She said that the change has made her feel “free, enjoyment, as well as a little bit rebellious.”

Anderson Said, “I Think As We Age, We All Start To Look A Little Funny”:

Because I did notice that everyone was wearing a lot of makeup, and it’s in my nature to do the opposite of what everybody else is doing.

“As we get older, I believe we all start to look a little strange,” she said next. “And when I look within the mirror, I kind of laugh at myself. I think, “Wow, is this really going to happen to me?” “It’s a trip.”

In the 1990s, the bombshell’s signature look was a lot of heavy makeup, yet she didn’t have much of a say in how she looked back then, either.

After Alexis Vogel Died Of Breast Cancer, Anderson Stopped Wearing Heavy Makeup And Went For A More Natural Look:

“I just did what other people told me to do,” she explained. Alexis Vogel, her makeup artist, died in 2019 after a battle with breast cancer. After Vogel died, Anderson slowly stopped wearing heavy makeup and went for a more natural look.

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The author of Love, Pamela said that her unique style has never made her feel like an outsider and that she was a little nervous when Canadian clothing brand Aritzia asked her to work with them upon a campaign for office wear.

She decided to go for a simple, no-makeup look, saying that it feels “freeing, fun, as well as a little rebellious, too.” During the chat, Anderson talked about her new fashion promotion for Aritzia, a Canadian clothes store.

Anderson Said, “Money Cannot Purchase Taste”:

The collection has simple business basics such as a gray suit jacket inspired by menswear and a classic knee-length black dress. This is a far cry from the style that made her famous in her time.

She said this about why she liked the brand and its latest collection: “I came from people who sometimes had a hard time making ends meet.

“Money can’t buy taste,” I always say. When someone is covered from head to toe within patterns, you think, “Well, that’s easy.” But Vivienne Westwood is the first person to tell me, “Buy one thing a year.” Don’t get too much stuff.'”

In The 1990s, Anderson Was Wild And Didn’t Care What People Thought:

Anderson of 2023 might like this kind of simple style, but Anderson of the 1990s was “wild as well as uninhibited.” “I don’t know if this was a way to protect himself or not. She told the source, “I just thought, ‘I’m going to have fun.'”

Anderson remembered that back then, she often wore “the makeup from the day prior and a little bit of glitter from the two nights before.” The things that stay with you: “I’d be helping out at the kids’ school, and I’d look in a mirror and see glitter covering my face.”

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She also liked to wear outfits from movies she had been in. When discussing “V.I.P.,” a show she was in in the late 1990s and early 2000s, she replied, “I would head out after work and continue to wear the outfit.”

Anderson Told Dax Shepard Upon A Podcast That She Can’t See Herself Getting Old:

“Tommy and I would always ask each other, ‘What can we wear that’s fun and crazy?'” I went to the Oscars in a jean miniskirt, a D-Pimp necklace, and a shirt with a knot in it. Elizabeth Hurley was wearing a long Versace dress.

She continued, “Now, everything is so planned. As Well As these are the looks that came from that, which we no longer have. We want to be different. I hadn’t anticipated that the looks we put together would end up on mood boards.”

Anderson has talked regarding her thoughts on getting older before. Back within January, the 56-year-old actress said on Dax Shepard’s show Armchair Expert that she “can’t wait to see herself old” and that she wanted to let her hair go gray naturally, wear a straw hat, and not wear any makeup. I mean, that’s the kind of place where I feel most at ease.”

Anderson Has Been Thought Of As More Beautiful Than Smart For A Long Time:

Anderson has been thought to be prettier than smart for a long time because of how she looks and the parts she is known for playing. She says this is not true.

She remembered, “Suzanne Somers told me that was a great phrase.” “She always said, ‘Hi, you dumb blonde.'” While she’s doing all these great things, she’s a billionaire. I’ve always thought that having nothing to live up to was fun because you had to surprise people.

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“So, it was sometimes to my advantage, and if people didn’t think you were smart because you appeared a certain way, I believe we’ve hopefully moved past that.”