Parsa Vidhan Sabha Result 2020: Chandrika Rai is behind by more than 13 thousand votes from Parsa, see here update of every seat in the district

Chhapra Vidhan Sabha Result 2020: In a few minutes, trends of all 10 assembly seats in Saran district will also start trending. Saran has 10 assembly seats – Ekma Vidhan Sabha Result 2020, Manjhi Vidhan Sabha Result 2020, Baniyapur Vidhan Sabha Result 2020, Taraiya Vidhan Sabha Result 2020, Madhaura Vidhan Assembly (Madhaura Vidhan) Sabha Result 2020), Chhapra Vidhan Sabha Result 2020), Gadkha Vidhan Sabha Result 2020, Amanaur Vidhan Sabha Result 2020, Parsa Vidhan Sabha Result 2020 and Sonpur Assembly Seat (Sonpur Vidhan Sabha Result 2020). Also Read – Bihar Election Results 2020 LIVE: Long wait for results, counting of votes may go on till late night

Parsa Vidhan Sabha Result 2020: In all these seats, there is a close competition between the candidates of the BJP-JDU alliance and the Grand Alliance. All the seats in the district were voted in the second phase on November 3. The main contest here is between Chhote Lal Rai of RJD and Chandrika Rai of JDU. Apart from this, Rakesh Singh of LJP is also seen beating the beat. Chandrika Rai, the sitting MLA and Samadhi of Lalu Yadav, was on the RJD ticket for the last time. In the initial trends, JDU’s Chandrika Rai was ahead, but after counting 18 count, he trailed by more than 13 thousand votes. JDU’s Chhote Lal Rai has taken a huge lead. Also Read – Bihar Chunav Result Pushpam Priya Choudhary: Pushpam Priya blamed on BJP, said – Transfer of plurals party vote to NDA

Chhapra Vidhan Sabha Result 2020: The main contest in Chhapra assembly seat in Saran district is between Dr. CN Gupta of BJP and Randhir Kumar Singh of RJD. Gupta was elected MLA from Lalu Yadav’s stronghold this time. RJD has once again given ticket to Randhir Kumar Singh. After counting 10 rounds, Randhir Singh is ahead by more than three thousand votes.

Ekma Vidhan Sabha Result 2020: This time from this seat, Sita Devi, wife of Manoranjan Singh alias Dhumal Singh, is on the JDU ticket. He faces Kameshwar Singh Munna, who has left the BJP on the LJP ticket. While RJD has made Kolkata businessman Shrikant Yadav from here. In the trends, Kameshwar Singh was leading by a small number of votes but after counting 15 rounds, Srikanth Yadav of RJD was ahead of Sita Devi by more than 3 thousand votes. Kameshwar Singh of LJP has got more than 14 thousand votes.

Manjhi Vidhan Sabha Result 2020: Vijay Shankar Dubey is an MLA from here. He has been a senior Congress leader. Prior to this, he has been an MLA from Raghunathpur in Siwan district many times. From here, this time Satyendra Prasad Yadav is on the CPM ticket on behalf of the Grand Alliance, while JDU has given the ticket to Madhavi Singh. Saurabh Kumar Pandey is on the ticket of LJP. Male candidate Satyendra Prasad Yadav is leading in trends. CPI’s Satyendra Yadav has taken an unbeatable lead after 28 rounds of counting. He has got more than 52 thousand votes. The second number is independent Rana Pratap Singh. JDU is in third place.

Baniyapur Vidhan Sabha Result 2020: This time the RJD has nominated Kedarnath Singh as its candidate from this seat. Virendra Ojha, a VIP party has been given ticket by NDA. LJP has fielded Tarakeshwar Singh. Kedarnath Singh is leading from here. After counting 18 rounds, he has got 36 thousand votes while LJP is at number two. Tarakeshwar Singh has received more than 23 thousand votes.

Taraiya Vidhan Sabha Result 2020: Voting was held on 3 November in Taraiya. This time RJD has given ticket to Sepoy Lal Mahato while Janak Singh is contesting from BJP. Mudrika Singh won the RJD ticket from here last time. Janak Singh of BJP is leading in trends. After counting 15 counts, he has received more than 27 thousand votes. Soldier Lal Mahato is at number two. He has got more than 18 thousand votes.

Marhaura Vidhan Sabha Result 2020: RJD has once again fielded sitting MLA Jeetendra Kumar Rai from this seat while Altaf Raju is in the fray from JDU. There is a collision between the two. Jitendra Rai is ahead by around 200 votes after counting 12 counts. LJP has fielded Vinay Kumar.

Garkha Vidhan Sabha Result 2020: BJP has given ticket to Gyanchand Manjhi in this election, while RJD has fielded Surendra Ram. Surendra Ram is ahead by around 5000 votes after 15 rounds of counting.

Amanaur Vidhan Sabha Result 2020: Voting took place here on November 3. Here there is a tough fight between Sunil Kumar of RJD and Krishna Kumar Mantu of BJP. Mantu is ahead by around 300 votes after 13 rounds of counting. RLSP has given ticket to Rahul Kumar Singh.

Sonpur Vidhan Sabha Result 2020: Ramanuj Prasad of RJD from Sonpur is in the fray while BJP has given ticket to Vinay Kumar Singh. The competition is tough. Vinay Kumar is ahead by nearly 4000 votes after 12 rounds of counting.

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