Part 3 of the final Season of Attack on Titan confirms its release date: the beginning of the end


The third part of the final Season of Attack on Titan It will be divided into two parts, and the first will be released on March 4, 2023..

Although, technically, the Final Season has been airing for the past two seasons, Part 3 should be the absolute ending of the Attack on Titan animesince there is no more manga to adapt.

Crunchyroll has shared on its official website a new Tweet from the Japanese account of Twitter focused on Attack on Titan reveals the premiere date of the upcoming season along with a new trailer.

The first episode of Part 3 of the final season of Attack on Titan will premiere on March 4, 2023 in Japanand it should be available on Crunchyroll soon after, although not all the details have been given yet.

No release date has been given for the second part of the Final Season, but at least it has been confirmed to arrive in 2023which means fans won’t have to wait long for the much-desired and dreaded ending.

Attack on Titan first aired 10 years ago, in 2013, and immediately gained huge popularity. This is why IGN recently included it in our list of the best anime series of all time.

If you want to know more about Attack on Titan, find out the actual location of its well-known walls and what was the source of inspiration for the creator of one of the most successful manga/anime in the world.

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