Passengers note … Corona Virus Lockdown will get full cash back for canceled flights

Flight Tickets Refud: During the Corona virus infection, the money for the flight ticket canceled due to lockdown will be returned to the passengers. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court that the airline companies are ready to give the entire amount of the ticket back to the passengers. A hearing was held on this issue in the Supreme Court on Wednesday. Also Read – Delhi: Corona wreaks havoc, will there be lockdown again, know the answer of the government

In the affidavit during the court hearing, O.K. Gupta, Director, DGCA, asked for domestic airlines, if tickets were to be made directly with the airline or through an agent during the first lockdown period (March 25-April 14) for both first and second lockdown periods Were. (March 25-May 3), then in all such cases, the airlines will give full refund immediately. Also Read – Arvind Kejriwal said- Corona increased in Delhi due to people coming in search of livelihood, now will be strict

Along with this, Advocate Arima Sundaram, on behalf of the Air Travelers Association, argued that passengers are satisfied with most of the points offered by the Directorate General. There are one or two issues that do not agree. Also Read – When the boy coughs in the first night, what does he do at that time? Look

The Center has proposed that a full refund should be given by the airlines within 15 days for tickets booked during the lockdown, and if an airline is in financial crisis, providing a credit shell on any route by March 31, 2021 should be done.

The Supreme Court has given the airlines and other parties two weeks’ time to file an affidavit. They will clear their stand regarding the affidavit proposed by DGCA. At the same time, the court has also asked the central government to file an additional affidavit. Because the government also has to make clear what will be its stand and attitude on the debate that took place today.

Actually, concern was expressed by the airlines on the proposal of the Central Government in which the entire money of the ticket was asked to be refunded. The next hearing of this case will be held on 23 September.

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