Paulo Dybala testified for more than an hour before the Finance Guard for a million-dollar payment from Juventus

Paulo Dybala testified before the Turin Finance Guard REUTERS/Alberto Lingria
Paulo Dybala testified before the Turin Finance Guard REUTERS/Alberto Lingria

The Argentinian Paulo Dybalaa figure from Roma, became one of the new protagonists in the framework of the “Prism Investigation”, which is related to the alleged irregular salary maneuvers carried out by Juventus during the 2020 financial year. The footballer was consulted about a payment of more than 3 million euros and could receive a sanction of no less than one month of sports disqualification.

As revealed by the newspaper Repubblica, this Tuesday the Turin Finance Guard questioned the Jewel for an hour and a half to confirm if the Vecchia Signora paid her an amount close to 3 million euros and, if so, under what concept.

The newspaper maintained that everything arose as a result of a request for compensation from the Cordovan, presented by his lawyer in May after the renewal negotiations were closed without an agreement (he left the cast of the capital on a free basis).

The EFE agency, for its part, explained that the investigation was generated by the socioeconomic situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, since ‘Juve’ agreed to defer payments to certain players who were not included in the fiscal year of that year. .

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The black and white entity reached an agreement -March 2020- with the players for which they gave up four months of their salary, so the club’s budget was not so damaged in the midst of a pandemic. However, months later, the Prosecutor’s Office began to investigate this agreement, since it was not a waiver of salary, as the Italian club initially reported, but a deferral of payment for three of the four months through a private agreement. , something illegal, which meant savings in the Juventus budget.

If this suspicion is confirmed, it would be an agreement between private parties stipulated between the club and the player, for which reason it was not submitted to the Federation. This situation would constitute a violation of article 31, paragraph 3 of the Code of Sports Justice. Sky Sport reported that the regulation maintains that “the club that agrees or pays them compensation, prizes or indemnities in contravention of current federal provisions, is punished with a fine of as much as triple the amount illegally agreed or paid, which may be add the penalty of one or more points in the classification”.

It also reported the content of section 8 of the same article, which examines the case of illegal agreements or payments that the Public Ministry would have to demonstrate to request sanctions against the footballer: “Members who agree with the club or in any case to receive prizes or assignments in violation of federal regulations is subject to the sanction of disqualification for a duration of not less than one month.

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Sky Sports also argues that the Federal Prosecutor’s Office could request the documents and extend its investigation to individual players. In the list of athletes, in addition to Dybala, names such as Wojciech Szczęsny, Leonardo Bonucci, Danilo, Alex Sandro, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado Cuadrado, Adrien Rabiot, Weston McKennie and Federico Chiesa appear. And others who have already emigrated, such as Matthijs de Ligt, Dejan Kulusevski, Rodrigo Bentancur and Merih Demiral.

It is worth remembering that Juventus will face the preliminary hearing in the framework of the “Prisma” operation that investigates salary maneuvers and the “capital gains case” (reason for a 15-point sanction in Serie A) on March 27.

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