Peculiarities of sports gymnastics


What is gymnastics? Gymnastics is one of the Olympic sports. It includes a number of certain exercises that are performed on the following equipment: a log, rings, bars, and a horse. Among other things, it includes free exercises and jumps. We also advise you to download Betwinner apk to follow the best sports from your phone. Free exercises include a combination of elements – somersaults, somersaults, splits, and racks. The best way to understand what sports gymnastics is, is a photo.

Who makes the verdict in the competition?

The performance is judged by several judges based on different criteria. Specialists are also carefully selected. They must understand what sports gymnastics is and understand its nuances. Based on their evaluations, the average score is calculated. Among the criteria, the technicality of the exercises is of great importance, whether the athlete performed them confidently and what combinations he used in the performance, in what number during the entire performance. The creative side of performance and artistry of the athlete are also taken into account.

A long time ago there was argument at the World Cup in artistic gymnastics: a Russian athlete took the podium with a symbol of the invasion of Ukraine.

Rules and features of sports

The content of the elements of the performance is not limited by the rules, and each performer together with his coach makes his personal performance plan for a specific championship. The type of exercises differs depending on the gender of the athlete, due to the greater development of some muscle groups in men and the difficulty in mastering some equipment by women.

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For the male gender, exits on the following devices are intended: rings, crossbar, bars, and exercises on horseback, as well as free exercises and jumps. At competitions, women perform elements on bars of different heights, as well as on a log. Like men, they have vaulting with free exercises. The winner is determined by a successful set of exercises performed on different shells.

Sports and rhythmic gymnastics. The main differences

In rhythmic gymnastics, unlike sports, only women are allowed to participate. Rhythmic gymnastics is the performance of acrobatic exercises to music with one of several types of objects, or without it at all. Ropes, balls, hoops, maces, and ribbons can be used.

Rhythmic gymnastics, unlike sports, is characterized by mandatory musical accompaniment. Previously, they performed to the accompaniment of a piano, where there was only one main melody, which was played throughout the performance. Currently, gymnasts perform to orchestral soundtracks. The choice of music for the performance is chosen by the coach and the participants according to their taste. The duration of the performance in artistic gymnastics is approximately equal to the duration of the performance of women in sports gymnastics.


In children’s groups, very strong selection prevails at the beginning – the child must be taken three times a week, and after a year or two, depending on the results, the child must go every day. This is a burden not only for a small athlete, but also for parents. Therefore, sports groups are constantly decreasing, but this is a positive process – in this sport you need desire and good physical data, selection here is quite natural, and it is primarily in the interests of children.

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Gymnastics for children has youth and adult categories:

  • In the first year, children aged five to six form a group of about 30 people, it may be less, but this is the maximum number. Children are taught discipline, they stretch twine, and the main strength exercise is pull-ups.
  • In the second year, the number of children becomes one and a half times smaller, about 20 people, mostly parents take their children due to difficulties in the attendance schedule. This year, children are taking the third youth category, which consists of static exercises, such as fold, twine, bridge.

Questions and answers

Is gymnastics popular in India?

Gymnastics in India has already gained great popularity and the status of a mass sport.

What kind of swimsuits are there for competitions?

Swimwear comes with and without sleeves. As a rule, there are no special requirements for the type of swimsuit. The athlete chooses whether to wear a swimsuit with or without sleeves. The sleeves perform exclusively the stylistic function of the swimsuit and additionally decorate it.