Pedro Gallese’s darts for Australia’s dancing goalkeeper after the video that discovered that he “cheated” in the penalty shootout

Pedro Gallese referred to the Australian goalkeeper.

Andrew Redmayne became the hero of the national team Australia that eliminated Peru on penalties in the playoff for the penultimate place for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The 33-year-old goalkeeper contained the last shot in the definition and stood out for the particular dance before each execution of his rivals. the australian coach Graham Arnold he sent him onto the pitch at the end of extra time in Doha as his winning card (in place of Ryan, the starting goalkeeper and squad captain) and it paid off well.

Beyond his striking routine before each shot, the goalkeeper took it upon himself to throw the bottle of water from the other side of the posters Pedro Gallese, where he had jotted down his notes on ocean kickers. The situation was captured by a TV camera and the unsportsmanlike attitude generated a wide debate on social networks.

However, the same Peruvian goalkeeper was in charge of minimizing the situation: “I had studied well, simply the help of the bottle and the time was something extra. I had everything in my head. I think we should not give much importance to that goalkeeper. I think we are mentioning him so much that even he can believe that he is an archer. We crashed one into the post and the other covered it. I think he did the same thing that I also covered one. But hey, wish him the best in the World Cup”

And he delved into whether the Inca team considered Redmayne’s actions throughout the definition to be unsportsmanlike. “No, it didn’t go bad. We are a very strong group. It’s his way of covering up and if it’s part of his repertoire to do those strange things, it’s just him. I always characterized myself for being a serious goalkeeper or for being a goalkeeper who always gives a good image and that’s how I will always be, “he said with the local program Canal N.

Redmayne took the flashes of the penalty shootout between Australia and Peru for a quota in Qatar 2022 (Photo: Reuters)
Redmayne took the flashes of the penalty shootout between Australia and Peru for a quota in Qatar 2022 (Photo: Reuters)

To close, he made a reflection in which he tried to turn the page of the injury caused by the elimination in the playoffs. “The pain is going to be very difficult to go away. The only way for him to go is for the Qualifiers to start and we start fighting again for a place in the World Cup. With the help of the fans and teammates we will get ahead. This does not end here and we have what”, concluded Gallese.

On the other side of the story, the “villain” Redmayne was in charge of giving his version of the “bottle throw” as soon as he set foot in his native Australia: “Yes, that happened. I know how much it meant to my teammates, so it was kill or be killed. I seized my moment. If we had notes in our bottle and someone from Peru saw them, they would have thrown it away as well.”


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