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Penalty, goal and an unusual expulsion: Rodrigo De Paul’s strange game in Udinese’s victory against Spezia

It was a strange match. One of those that does not arouse great interest in neutral viewers. However, in the show starring him Udinese and the Spice there was a duel full of tension and nervousness.

In the stadium Alberto Picco Udinese got the victory by the smallest difference thanks to the penalty goal of Rodrigo De Paul, but the ex Racing lived the honeys of injustice when the referee Antonio Di Martino he exceeded his authority by repeatedly showing him the yellow card that led to his expulsion.

The Spice Football reached his commitment with the intention of returning to the path of victory after the defeat that had meant his last presentation in front of the Roma (in an entertaining clash that ended 4 to 3), but a new adverse result puts his future in check.

The UdineseMeanwhile, he confirmed his good present after the draw he had rescued against Inter. In the first half, none of the teams was right in the face of the goal, so the The first 45 minutes ended with the same blank result.

The second period got off to a great start for Udinese, who took the opportunity to take the lead with a goal from twelve steps from Rodrigo De Paul.

It was a difficult match for the referee, as he had to send off players from both teams. The local team suffered the expulsion of Riccardo Saponara, while the visitors lost the former figure of Racing.

With this victory, Udinese rises to 21 points and is placed in thirteenth place in the classification. For its part, Spice Football stays with the 18 points with those who came to this day of the competition.

The next day of the A league will face Spice Football away from home against Sassuolo, while Udinese will face in his fief before Hellas Verona.



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