People are becoming unemployed, in such a situation, between the mud and pebble, the changed life of the person, search diamond of 50 lakh


Panna (Madhya Pradesh): Anandi Lal Kushwaha has received a high-quality diamond of 10.69 carat in Panna district of Madhya Pradesh, amid deepening employment crisis due to Corona Virus epidemic. Its price has been estimated at 50 lakh rupees. Panna district is identified as Heera city. According to sources, Anandi Lal Kushwaha, a resident of Dham area of ​​Panna, along with his other eight partners, took a lease of a mine in which excavation was being done. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, he found a diamond between clay and pebbles. This diamond is of gem quality. It is 10. 69 carats. Also Read – Lalji Tandon’s political journey from Councilor to Governor, close to Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Mineral officer SN Pandey said that “The diamond that Anandi Lal has received has been deposited in the office.” Earlier, he got a diamond of 70 cents. He is also deposited in the office. ” When the mineral officer was asked about the estimated price of this diamond, he refused to tell it, saying that there is a provision not to give the estimated price. Also Read – Madhya Pradesh Governor Lalji Tandon died of illness, son told Babuji no more

Anandi Lal says that he along with his other eight partners took a lease in this Ranipur mine area and then started the work of finding a diamond. He got a diamond this month and now got another diamond. With the income from this, he wants to take the quarry lease and work for diamond search. Also Read – Lalji Tandon Health Update: Madhya Pradesh Governor Lal G. Tandon’s situation is serious, kept on ventilator

There is a provision for leasing out the quarries carved in Panna to search for diamonds and here a large number of people work to find diamonds. The diamond found, is subsequently auctioned by the Department of Minerals. The diamond owner is paid on the same basis.


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