People removed Shivraj from power, yet the hawks did not come, 3 lies every day: Kamal Nath

new Delhi: Electoral enthusiasts are fast once again in Madhya Pradesh. Political parties and leaders are engaged in preparations for the by-election. Not only are people asking for votes, but political arrows are also firing at each other. Targeting CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Kamal Nath said that he lied while staying in power for so many days and when the power went away, even after that, the hawk did not come and is constantly lying. Also Read – UP: After 17 years, Mulayam family’s dominance in cooperative society, BJP took possession

Kamal Nath said that I thought that after lying for 15 years, Shivraj ji must have taken a lesson, when the people of the state made him sit in the house in the 2018 elections, but they are not going to hawk. He tells 3 lies daily. We removed fake people in Sambal Yojana. Also Read – Kisan Bill: JDU said- We with the demand of farmers

Former CM said that he will benefit 2 thousand people and will say that we have benefited 20 lakh people. This is the politics of lies. The people of Madhya Pradesh will support the truth in the coming by-elections, voters are very intelligent. Also Read – Former CM Kamal Nath used to cry out of lack of funds when it came to development: Shivraj Singh Chauhan

In the last few days in Madhya Pradesh, the politics of such allegations has been hot and hot. Ever since, the BJP government in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly said that the Congress government had pardoned the farmers and the debt of 27 lakh farmers was forgiven. As soon as this was accepted, the Congress started targeting the BJP and said that at that time the BJP lied constantly that no debt was forgiven. However, the BJP still kept saying out of the House that half the unfinished debt was forgiven. Taking a dig at this, Rahul Gandhi also said that this is the truth and BJP still does politics by lying constantly.

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