Petrol and diesel prices at record level, Sonia Gandhi said – Ruthless government is busy filling the treasury

High Petrol and Diesel Price: Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Thursday targeted the Central Government for increasing the prices of petrol and diesel and said that excise duty on both these petroleum products should be reduced to equal to the rates of the UPA government at the time So that the people of the country can get relief. Also Read – Bihar: Bharat Ratna received by Sonia Gandhi-Mayawati, Nitish Kumar got tight-handed …

He once again urged the government that farmers’ demand to repeal the three central agricultural laws should also be accepted. Also Read – Modi gained popularity as Prime Minister, Manmohan gets from Sonia: Pranab Mukherjee in ‘The Presidential Years’

Sonia said in a statement, “For the first time in the history of independent India, the country stands at a crossroads today. On one hand, the country’s donor has been standing in support of its legitimate demands on the borders of Delhi for the last 44 days, while the country’s autocratic, insensitive and ruthless BJP government is busy breaking the back of the poor peasant and middle class. ” Also Read – Kisan Andolan: Sonia Gandhi’s attack- ‘Government to leave arrogance of power and withdraw all three agricultural laws’

He also said, “In the midst of the collapsing economy of Corona, the Modi government is making the disaster an opportunity to fill its treasure.” Today the price of crude oil is $ 50.96 per barrel, that is, only Rs 23.43 per liter. Despite this, diesel is being sold for Rs 74.38 and petrol for Rs 84.20 per liter. This is the highest in the last 73 years. “

The Congress president alleged, “In spite of the low prices in the international market, the government has broken all records of profit recovery by drastically increasing excise duty instead of giving benefits to the general consumer. In the last six-and-a-half years, the Modi government has increased the excise duty by recovering about 19 lakh crores from the pocket of the common people. “According to Sonia, the price of gas cylinders has been drastically increased by the BJP government.

He said, “I demand the government to raise the rates of excise duty on petrol and diesel like the UPA government and provide immediate relief to the affected people”. Urge to fulfill all the demands of the farmers by canceling them immediately.

Significantly, after the price hike by the public sector oil companies for the second consecutive day, the price of petrol in the national capital rose to Rs 84.20 per liter on Thursday, which is the highest level ever. According to the price notification of oil marketing companies, on Thursday, the price of petrol was increased by 23 paise per liter and diesel by 26 paise per liter.

After this increase, the price of petrol in Delhi is now Rs 84.20 per liter and the price of diesel has been increased to Rs 74.38. Petrol in Mumbai is Rs 90.83 per liter and diesel is Rs 81.07 per liter.

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