Pfizer-BioNTech has prepared Corona’s best vaccine, which will create panic ..


new Delhi: American pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc. and German firm BioNTech SE jointly claimed to be the world’s best COVID-19 vaccine. The company has said that the initial phase of the vaccine trial has been completed, the data of the study has been released by the company and that it has seen minor side effects and is going to increase immunity. Also Read – Sanjay Raut said – Russia has made Corona vaccine, India is still selling ‘Bhabhiji Papad’

The company said that if all goes well, this vaccine will be approved at the beginning of October. It has also been told that this vaccine will be more effective than all previous vaccines. In this way it will prove to be a milestone in the battle of Corona and now it has become the best vaccine in the world. Also Read – US Presidential candidate Biden made many promises to woo Indians, statement regarding H-1B visa

The companies revealed that the side effects of the latest vaccine BNT162b2 are less visible. After giving the vaccine, less than 20% of the participants showed symptoms of mild to moderate fever, which is good. On Thursday, the company posted a report of all 332 people who had taken the vaccine, known as T1 or B2, and in fact, the B2 group trial showed very few side effects. Also Read – Bharat Biotech Develops Corona Virus Vaccine, Approved for Trial on Humans

William Gruber, Pfizer’s Vice President of Vaccine Clinical Research and Development, told State News that the vaccine would work optimally, and it would gain public acceptance of widespread vaccination. Both T1 or B2 are better and B2 has better results in which the side effects are very less.

In the study, the dose of each vaccine has been reported from 10 micrograms to 100 micrograms, and 30-microgram doses were given in the clinical trial of B2.

The original vaccine BNT162b1 or B1 2 was given to people between 18 and 55 years of age and then the results were seen. All of them were given 30-microgram doses that were 50 percent related to the vaccine. Then the vaccine dose was given to people between the age of 65 and 85 years, among whom adverse incidence was 16.7 percent.

Then another vaccine, BNT162b2 or B2, was given 16.7 percent doses given to people between the ages of 18 to 55 but did not show any adverse effects as those given to those aged 65 and 85.

Both vaccines were taken by the body like the genetic messenger of mRNA and packed into a fatty capsule by converting the DNA code into a protein, called a lipid nanoparticle, to allow it to enter cells. Actually, mRNA instructs cells to make a protein, which then transforms the immune system into action.

According to the report, Pfizer has said that some data from a large study of B2 vaccine may come in early October. Analysts say that if the vaccine is made by October and approved, it could give US President Donald Trump an additional advantage in the upcoming elections in November.


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