Pfizer to make 5 crore doses of Corona vaccine in next month, demand emergency approval

Pfizer Corona Vaccine updates: Pfizer and its German partner BioNotech released a second batch of interim results on Wednesday, stating that their coronavirus vaccine is up to 95 percent effective. A day after this great success, the company said on Friday that it would request US regulators to allow emergency use of its Corona vaccine. Also Read – Corona Vaccine Memes / Jokes: People enjoying the race of pharmaceutical companies over the Corona vaccine

After better results of the third phase of the corona vaccine, Pfizer is going to ask for emergency approval to use the vaccine. Let us know that the vaccine is eagerly waiting for the world, which is suffering from the Corona crisis for the last one year. In such a situation, if it gets regulatory approval then it will prove to be a milestone in the prevention of corona epidemic. Also Read – Oxford University COVID-19 Vaccine News Update: This vaccine is having great effect on the elderly, Indian company is producing

If all goes well, Pfizer’s move on Friday could be the first effective step towards vaccinating the weakest Americans by the end of December. Also Read – COVID Vaccine Will Available Soon: Health Minister’s announcement – Corona vaccine to come soon, to be given first

Corona Vaccine latest update- Please tell that earlier the company said that its vaccine protects the elderly people from the risk of getting the virus. The company stated, “Primary analysis suggests that it begins to show its effect within 28 days of the first dose of the vaccine. 170 confirmed cases of Kovid-19 were evaluated during the trial. “

The announcement comes a week after Pfizer’s first bang-up announcement on November 9, when it said that its vaccine was up to 90 percent effective. The first result was based on an analysis of fewer than 100 infected patients selected from over 43,000 volunteers. Pfizer-BioNotech has used mRNA technology to make the vaccine, which means that there is no risk of taking the vaccine shot being Kovid-19.

However, emergency approval of the vaccine by US regulators may take a few weeks as its data will be looked at by scientists at the Food and Drug Administration and to ensure that the vaccine is safe and effective. According to the update so far, Pfizer and Bayonet intends to produce a total of 50 million (5 crore) vaccine doses in the next one month, or 2020, and is expected to produce 1.3 billion doses in 2021.

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