Pfizer Vaccine: up to 95% effective on coronavirus Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine, know how long the vaccine can come in India

new Delhi: A relief news has emerged for the entire world, troubled by the corona virus havoc. Pharma company Pfizer has given great news on vaccine research. The company has said that their vaccine is more than 95 percent effective on the corona virus vaccine. The company was told that Phase III of the Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine vaccine showed that the vaccine was up to 95 percent effective against Kovid. The company said that this vaccine of Kovid has also affected people over 65 years. Also Read – Fact Check: Has COVID-19 Vaccine Been Made in the Country? Know what is the reality of this claim

After such a huge success of the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine in the third phase, the company can now apply for emergency approval from the US regulator. The US pharma company and its German partner Bio-Entech said they had completed a Phase III study of the Kovid-19 mRNA-based potential vaccine ‘BNT 162B2’ in which they had all initial effects. Also Read – Pakistan is still troubled for Corona Vaccine, given $ 100 million advance

Based on current estimates, companies expect to produce 50 million doses of the vaccine globally by 2020, and by the end of 2021, this production could reach 130 million doses. Also Read – Coronavirus vaccine: How long will Covid Vaccine develop in the country? Which phase of vaccine test has reached – know everything …

Two days earlier, the Moderna company had announced that the vaccine produced by it is effective up to 94.5 percent. According to Pfizer and Bio-Entech, analysis of the data showed that the potential vaccine is up to 95 percent effective in participants who did not develop corona virus infection.

Potential vaccine effects were also seen in those who had been infected. The test was conducted seven days after the second dose was given to the participants. The companies said the first analysis was based on 170 cases of Kovid-19, of which 162 cases of infection were from the ‘placebo’ group and eight from the ‘BNT 162 B2’ group. He said that the potential vaccine proved effective on people of all ages, sexes and ethnicities and it was found to be 94 percent effective on people above 65 years.

In India too, there is continuous research on the corona virus vaccine. At present, Pfizer Pharma Company has not made any announcement to sell the vaccine in India. But it is being hoped that if the company sends the vaccine to other countries, India will also come soon.

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