Phasmophobia ghosts never hunted based on our voice, but now they can


Since he rose to fame earlier this year, Phasmophobia It has terrified numerous gamers, in part due to the way the game handles audio. In addition to talking to friends over nicely set radios, many gamers believed that his voice played a huge role in ghosting, causing a ghost to hunt him down if he teased him enough.

Turns out that was never true … until now. Phasmophobia developer Kinetic Games announced a new upgrade for the beta version of the game on Monday, which now allows the game’s cast of ghosts to hear the voices of players when they hunt, prompting them to search for the locations where the noise originates.

“A lot of people thought it was a feature that already existed, so it really has been added.”, tweeted Kinetic Games. “This is experimental, please let me know if there is a problem.”.

Kinetic Games also shared that the new feature is based on how loud a player’s microphone is, meaning you can still whisper while a ghost is searching for your terrified meaty body.

The new audio feature is sure to throw the loudest players out of the pan into the fire, and it could play a big role in bigger levels of Phasmophobia, where players can put more distance between themselves and their ghostly target.

During a january 8 updateKinetic Games also added new features that make ghosts move to your last known position, which means you’ll probably have to be a little more cunning than hiding around the corner. Phasmophobia’s pro difficulty mode will also not tell you if a ghost responds to groups of players or isolated individuals.

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Kinetic Games has also recently announced its new prison level, which promises to be one of its biggest ghost hunting grounds.