Phil Spencer Discusses His Current Relationship With Activision Following Accusations The Company Received


During a recent podcast, the Xbox boss claimed that he changed the way they do “certain things” with Activision.

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By now, the Activision case that began several months ago is well known. After the wave of accusations that the company has not stopped receiving, one of the big names in the industry that has spoken about it is the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, who has claimed to have changed the way “certain things” are done between Activision and his own company.

We have changed how we do certain things with themPhil SpencerHis words come from a recent podcast in which Spencer talked about this problem facing Activision, in addition to other topics, such as Xbox Game Pass and the shortage of next-generation consoles. “We’ve changed how we do certain things with them, and they are aware of that,” Spencer said.

“The work we do with a partner like Activision is something I obviously cannot say publicly,” continued the Xbox boss. Spencer added that while saddens Because of the Activision situation, the Xbox story isn’t exactly “perfect.”

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The Xbox boss also stressed that the company has learned to be a better company year after year, and he prefers help to others instead of attacking them for their mistakes. “I would do it with any of our colleagues out there. If I can learn from them or help them with the journey we’ve had on Xbox, sharing what we’ve built, I’d rather do that.”

While Microsoft was rated the best company of 2021, things don’t seem to be getting any better at Activision. Hundreds of employees call for the resignation of President Bobby Kotick, who, according to an information, was well aware of the cases of abuse and sexual harassment in the company, but decided do nothing to correct the problem.

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