Piqué told the reaction he had when he found out that Messi was leaving Barcelona

Piqué and Messi were part of Barcelona's golden era (REUTERS/Sergio Perez)
Piqué and Messi were part of Barcelona’s golden era (REUTERS/Sergio Perez)

August 8, 2021 is a day that all football lovers will never forget. When everything seemed to indicate that Lionel Messi was going to continue in Barcelonaa decision of Joan Laportathe new president, related to the economic crisis that the club was experiencing, unleashed a general sadness triggered by the abrupt departure of the best player of all time of the institution.

The flea He said goodbye in tears with the presence of the entire campus in the bowels of the Camp Nou. Shortly after, Messi moved to Paris to play for PSG and the culé team suffered when he said goodbye. Today, with a present improved with another historical one like Xavi Hernandez As a coach, another emblem of the golden age of Barcelona confessed how he experienced the farewell to the star from Rosario.

“Yes, I cried. As much for us as for him. Due to the trajectory he had in Barcelona, ​​I think the best thing would have been for him to stay until the end ”declared Gerard Piquéone of the most successful footballers in the history of the Blaugrana team, on The Overlap program on Sky Bet.

“I understand what happened. The club is suffering a lot economically due to the previous president and his management, while Messi, the previous year, wanted to leave. Then he wanted to continue here, but, at the end of the day, this is part of life, “he added in dialogue in a conversation with Gary Nevilleformer player of Manchester United with whom the player from Catalonia shared a dressing room in the Red Devils.

At the same time, Piqué compared when he had to leave the Spanish club for England when he was just 17 years old. “How can you leave Barcelona? Sometimes, there are situations in which you have to make a decision, turn the page”, he valued.

In addition to referring to what he went through with Messi’s departure, the central marker also pointed out the conflict that also caused the goodbye of Pep Guardiola of the Spanish league after a winning era in the culé bank.

The Catalan and the Argentine, together in Barcelona (REUTERS / Albert Gea)
The Catalan and the Argentine, together in Barcelona (REUTERS / Albert Gea)

“When Mourinho came to the Camp Nou for the first time with Madrid, he lost 5-0. It was a reality check for him, but then, Mourinho, at the press conferences, every day… You know how he is, his style. And I think there came a point where this was too much for Guardiola. Sometimes, what happened off the field was more important than what happened on it”, he analyzed.

Finally, Piqué immersed himself in the scandal that was generated in Spain with the filtering of some audios in communication with the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubialeswhich put in the center of the scene a negotiation between the RFEF and the Kosmos sporting events company that manages the defender to organize the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia.

“The controversy has been a nightmare because here, people don’t like you talking about big amounts of money. It is the culture that exists”said.

“I understand people who don’t want to play in Saudi Arabia, but first of all, this was not my decision, this is up to the Federation. We had two options: one was this and the other was to go to the United States, to Miami. We put both options on the table and they decided”, argued Piqué.


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