Play Star Citizen for free for a limited time and enjoy an event loaded with ships: this is your trailer


Cloud Imperium Games celebrates Invictus Launch Week 2952, an annual event that will bring the occasional surprise.

From Cloud Imperium Games they continue working so that Star Citizen is the game dreamed by every fan of space adventures. After raising 400 million dollars for its development, the authors have the luxury of perfecting even the smallest details from experience, as we have seen with ideas for realistically wrinkling sheets.

Users will be able to play Star Citizen for free from May 20 to 31However, the studio wants to continue to attract all users interested in science fiction experiences, which leads us to the Launch Week 2952. An event that will allow us play free a Star Citizen del May 20 to 31 to discover all the peculiarities prepared so far by Cloud Imperium Games.

Star Citizen

Beyond this, the spaceships are established as the main attraction of this initiative. And it is that, as explained by the responsible studio in a press release, players who take advantage of the opportunity to play Star Citizen during Launch Week 2952 will be able to ride on all available ships in the title. In addition, these conferences will be even more animated with the presentation of a new vehicle and various activities to enjoy the celebration.

From Cloud Imperium Games they trust that these free days will serve for players to discover all the available features of Star Citizen, as well as those that could be implemented later. Of course, users who fall in love with this project should know that the title is still lacks a campaignand the latest statements from the developers suggest that it will be introduced in the fairly distant future.

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