Playing Doom with a rotary dial phone seems awkward, but someone has made it up and it works!


The id Software shooter continues to awaken the inventive ingenuity of users around the world.


The fervor to be able to run Doom on any device continues to give us the most curious news from time to time under the question “can it run Doom?”, Although the latter does not meet that premise as is. Thus, the latest about the classic shooter from id Software lets us see a user who has managed to connect a rotary dial phone, so common during the middle of the last century.

Thus, we are not facing a case of a device capable of making the FPS work, but rather a more and even more challenging way of moving through its world.

This adaptation work is the work of yoshinokentarou, a Twitter user who briefly explains how spinning each number on the wheel unleashes a different action in the video game. For example, number one allows you to shoot enemies. It does not seem, of course, the best way to pass this classic of the genre, but once again Doom manages to inspire developers to surpass themselves in originality.

Without going any further, last year we were surprised by the news of being able to play Doom through a gif image in an act of pure computer witchcraft. Although my favorite experiment with shooter may be when they discovered how many potatoes were necessary to give enough energy to a calculated one where to play Doom.

Oblivious to all those ingenuities seen on the net, id Software continues to offer new installments of Doom to a new generation of gamers without losing an iota of quality. “It seems difficult to think that the franchise can raise its degree of intensity even more, but it certainly achieves it”, commented Alejandro Pascual in his analysis of Doom Eternal.

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