Playing PS5 with one hand is possible thanks to a device that you can make yourself


Although it seems cumbersome at first glance, it can allow more players to enjoy their passion properly.

Make video games a passion available to everyone It is a policy that is increasingly taken into account among the different agents in the sector. The possibly best proof of this we had in the Xbox Adaptive Controller launched by Microsoft in 2018. Now, thanks to a fan, we have received a curious device that allows PS5 users to have almost complete access to the game. DualSense with one hand.

It is a contraption devised and manufactured by Akaki Kuumeri, who explains in an extensive YouTube video its correct use and how those interested can assemble it at home by downloading the plans to your 3D printing for free.

PlayStation 5

The invention seems somewhat cumbersome to handle at first, but it works and allows the user to enjoy the most complete experience possible with some of their favorite video games. Thus, we can see how its design implies the movement of the right stick, or left if you prefer, through a rubber shoe to be placed on the table or thigh. For the keypad, Kuumeri has opted for a paddle system to be able to control everything from one part of the DualSense.

If you are interested in knowing more about its operation, we recommend you watch the video attached to the news, where Kuumeri also explains his inspiration.

As we said at the beginning, the commitment to make video games a more accessible passion is the order of the day. In fact, a few weeks ago PlayStation presented a portal where it collected its different actions in this regard, with the implementation of accessibility features in the console and its games.

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