PlayStation patents for PS5 a system that allows changing apps without leaving the game


The Japanese company continues to research new ways to improve the interface of its next-generation console.

As we told you a few weeks ago, on PlayStation they seem to have learned their lesson with PS4 and claim to have interesting, exciting and fantastic ideas to be incorporated periodically to PS5. One of these could be the inclusion of a new system for switch apps without leaving the game, going to the start menu of the console, as the Japanese company has patented.

The record dates from this summer, was published on November 18 and discovered a few hours ago by the press. Its operation details a pop-up window on the running video game where the user could automatically access other system applications. Thus, the idea would go through something similar to the current PS5 Activities, which allow you to start specific modes and missions, among other things, directly from the control center and without interrupting the game in progress, but this time allowing you to switch directly between apps without going to the start menu.

PlayStation 5

Gaming Bolt likens this possible innovation to Snap de Xbox One, withdrawn by Microsoft after encountering problems with RAM consumption, but we will have to wait for something more tangible to make more reliable comparisons.

Newer PS5 Patents

As always in this type of information, the registration of a patent does not have to indicate the next announcement of this function, but only the study on the feasibility of its development. A few days ago we also got another PlayStation patent, this one for the manufacture of removable cases.

On the occasion of its presentation a year ago, in 3DJuegos we did a complete review of the user interface of PlayStation 5 that presented many advances in front of the view on PS4, but as this patent indicates, it still has room for improvement. Sony has already sold 13.4 million consoles despite stock problems.

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