PlayStation publishes its real-action announcement of the new PS Plus, with references to a multitude of video games


The new model of Sony’s subscription service opens today in Europe, with three different options.

Finally, the new PS Plus is available in our country. This new PlayStation online subscription model arrives today in Europe with three different options (Essential, Extra y Premium) that offer access to different catalogues, both of current machines and classic Sony consoles.

On the occasion of its launch, PlayStation itself has published a new live action ad that you have at the top of the news. In just over two minutes we see how the protagonist of the video leads his normal life until he arrives at his house and discovers that he has all kinds of objects and beings related to video games (and even someone locked up) .

The dubbing is in charge of Miguel Ángel Jenner“You don’t know who you really are yet, but that’s okay. Imagine everything you’ll experience as you explore all versions of yourself. Why be one way when you can be whoever you want?“Says the voice of the video, which is Miguel Ángel Jenner in the Spanish version, dubbing actor of, for example, Samuel L. Jackson.

PS Plus

In the ad we can see multiple video game references, some from PlayStation itself and some not. We see the baby from Death Stranding, the swords of Kratos and even a Watcher in motion from the Horizon saga. In fact, in the end it is discovered that this person has paid in the cafeteria with an Uncharted gold coin.

As we say, the last tier of the new PS Plus allows us to access a list of classic works from the first PlayStation consoles, which has caused a conversation about the versions that will be available. Just today we also learned that Sony plans to introduce NTSC support for most games, allowing these titles to run at 60hz and 30 FPS.

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