PlayStation registers a patent that describes a controller to play on mobile devices


The company has already shown an interest in exploring the iOS and Android market with some of its franchises.

PlayStation has celebrated this year the best summer ever after managing to distribute 13.4 million PS5 consoles. But beyond Sony’s new generation hardware, the company has confessed to being very interested in exploring the mobile device market, taking some of its franchises to systems iOS and Android.

This growing interest in the mobile market could justify this new patent which has been echoed by VGC and which has been published this week by the Japanese division of SIE. We can see a game system for mobile devices, where two side grips similar to those of the DualShock 4 would allow to integrate a device with a screen.

PlayStation registers a patent that describes a controller to play on mobile devices

Grips more closely resemble the DualShock 4 than the recent DualSenseThe patent describes this peripheral as “a left-hand grip portion and a right-hand grip portion held by the user’s left and right hands.” Although PlayStation controllers are now compatible with mobile devices By Bluetooth, this system would find a more comfortable solution to be able to play with the screen of the device better integrated.

It should be remembered that, as on other occasions, the registration of a patent it is not a guarantee that this project ends up seeing the light, however, it allows us to observe some of the projects carried out by the company through its feasibility studies. A few days ago we also learned about the patent for a PS5 system that would allow changing apps without leaving the game, as well as interchangeable covers with different customization options.

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