PlayStation VR2 in detail: all about next-generation Sony virtual reality


The device has been presented, which has an OLED screen, 4K HDR and new controls.

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PlayStation VR 2

As an anticipated gift from Reyes, Sony has presented in detail and officially PlayStation VR2, its new virtual reality device aimed at the new video games that will be launched in the future on PlayStation 5. It is an improved helmet in relation to PSVR, the brand’s premiere in this world that we got to know during the PS4 generation.

The device is accompanied by a new control system, PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller, in order to complete the experience in the best possible way. In addition, Horizon Call of the Mountain has been announced, a video game developed by Guerrilla that is directly related to the universe of the Horizon saga, of which we will soon have the launch of the sequel.

PSVR2 takes virtual reality to a new levelHideaki NishinoThrough a very comprehensive post shared on his official blog, the senior vice president of platform experience Hideaki Nishino It details in depth the characteristics of the new PSVR2. He has definitively confirmed the name of the product, PlayStation VR2, and assures that it carries virtual reality “to a new level, allowing players a greater sense of immersion, escaping to the worlds of games like never seen before. “

“Players will feel a wide variety of sensations thanks to the creativity of the game worlds that our world-class developers are building and the latest technology that incorporates the hardware,” says Nishino, who has not shared any image of the device, so we will have to wait to see the final design.

In terms of specifications, there is a good handful of information. PlayStation VR2 will feature a collar OLED 2000 x 2040 resolution per eye, your games being able to be played with a field of view of 110 degrees and at 90 / 120Hz in 4K HDR. Lens clearance is adjustable and will communicate with the console through single cable USB Type-C.

The device will have a single cableTo achieve the latter (since the number of cables was a common complaint with the first version), both the helmet and the controls have control systems. Motion detection. They have six-axis sensors, with a three-axis gyroscope and an accelerometer for another three, and an infrared proximity sensor. Also, there will be an infrared camera to follow eye movement and four cameras to react according to the movements of the device and the controls.

PlayStation VR 2 image

Your new controls: VR2 Sense

Regarding the audio, it will come with a built-in microphone and a stereo headphone jack, and it is also worth mentioning that the helmet will have vibration. It is something that the new VR2 Sense controller will also take full advantage of, since it has been designed to continue what we know with PS5. In this way, its double control system will offer the same system of haptic feedback that we know with the DualSense, although the helmet will once again be the axis of the experience.

There will be effects on the R2 and L2 so that we can notice shots, the tension of an arc and in general what happens on the screen, and they will also have six-axis motion sensors (such as the head device) and a capacitive sensor that detects the finger touch following your position. Its port will be USB Type-C and they will communicate via Bluetooth 5.1, holding on thanks to a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery, of which we currently do not know the capacity.

As we say, we will have to wait to be able to have a detailed image of the design of PlayStation VR2, as well as to test the general performance and the number of games that release its catalog. We do not know price or launch, so we will judge the product once we know how and when it is located on the market. In addition, more details remain to be known, such as compatibility with PS4 or the availability that there will be given the complications in the production of technological devices worldwide.

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