Playtonic Games prepares a new game


Big news for (probably) old-school platformers: Playtonic Games, the developer studio of Yooka-Laylee (y el spin-off Impossible Lair) work on something new, and they have made it known through a simple tweet:


“We would like to send our community, our friends, a big hug. We know that you are wondering what we are preparing, and although we cannot tell you yet, we will reveal something SOON.”

The information, as you can see, is concise but they refer to the immediate future. And they ask for patience. Will it be another platforms?

The truth is that there is no information about what they will bring us in the future. Yooka-Laylee appeared almost 4 years ago, offering a classic platform adventure similar to that of Nintendo 64 classics like Banjo Kazooie, respecting even the classic sonic characteristics and control, and it reached almost all platforms and PC.

Source: Comicbook

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