PM Modi among the soldiers in Longewala on Diwali, said- ‘If you try to explain India’s policy, you will get a strong answer’

Diwali 2020: Like every year, this time also Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi) came to celebrate Diwali with the soldiers posted at the border. On the Longewala Border of Jaisalmer, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) addressed the soldiers and encouraged them. PM Modi said that congratulations to all the heroes on behalf of 130 crore countrymen for Diwali. Also Read – Diwali 2020 Asthma Patient: If you are also an asthma patient, know how to take care of your health during this Diwali.

Prime Minister Modi said that the people of India are standing firm, bowing to your valor. India is safe today, because India has sons and daughters like you for protection. Whenever the need arises, India has shown that it has power as well as political will.

The Prime Minister, while warning the enemies of the country, said that India is capable of giving a ‘tremendous reply’. He said, “Today India’s strategy is clear, clear. Today’s India believes in the policy of understanding and explaining, but if we have to try, then the answer is equally fierce.

The Prime Minister attacked his expansionist thinking without naming China. He said, “Today the whole world is troubled by the expansionist forces. Expansionism is a kind of mental disorder and reflects eighteenth-century thinking. India is becoming a strong voice against this thinking too.

The Prime Minister said that today India kills terrorists, terrorists by sneaking into the house. Today the world is knowing, understanding that this country is not going to compromise its interests even at a cost. This stature of India is due to your might.

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