PM Modi-Kovid told us at IIT Delhi’s convocation that self-reliance is necessary along with globalization


IIT Delhi 51st Annual Convocation: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the convocation ceremony of IIT Delhi on Saturday, said that Kovid-19 has taught the world one thing that globalization is important but at the same time self-reliance is equally important. Also Read – IIT Delhi 51st Convocation: PM Modi to address 51st Convocation of IIT Delhi tomorrow, degree will be given to graduate students

Prime Minister Modi told the youth, the need of technology and the faith in Indians towards it, this shows the light of your future. There are immense possibilities for you in the whole country, there are immense challenges for which you can give solutions. Also Read – Bihar Election 2020: JP Nadda took a dig at Donald Trump, said – one look at our PM …

Prime Minister Modi said, earlier I had the opportunity to attend the convocation ceremony of IIT Madras, IIT Bombay and IIT Guwahati. In all these places I saw a similarity that some innovation is happening everywhere.

Prime Minister Modi told the students, today India is committed to giving its youth the Ease of Doing Business so that these young people can change the lives of crores of citizens with their innovation. The country will give you the ease of doing business, just work on the ease of living of the countrymen.

Prime Minister Modi said that for the first time so much potential has been created for innovation and new start-ups in the agriculture sector. For the first time, private investment avenues have opened in the space sector. Two days ago, a major reform has also been done for Ease of Doing Business in BPO sector.

He said that such provisions which prevented the tech industry from facilities like work from home or work from anywhere, have also been removed. This will make the IT sector of the country globally and competitive and will give more opportunities to young talent like you.


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