PM Modi said- I believe that everyone’s dream of their home will be fulfilled, 21 special things

PM Modi has laid the foundation of Global Housing Technology Challenge India (GHTC India) in six states in the country on Friday and during the distribution program of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban), all the citizens are confident of fulfilling their dream of their own house. . The Prime Minister started his talk by saying, ‘A very happy 2021 to all the countrymen. Many many wishes. Today is the beginning of moving ahead at a fast pace with new energy, with new resolutions and to prove new resolutions. Also Read – PM Modi’s gift of cheap houses to the poor on new year, said – these 6 projects are really like light houses

These 6 projects are really like lighthouses. These 6 projects will show new direction to housing construction in the country. The PM also said that I am sure that the dream of Housing4All will come true. Also Read – Year Ender: BJP’s new base in 2020, but farmers’ movement raises challenges

1 – This light house project is now a perfect example of how the country works. We also have to understand the big vision behind it. Housing schemes at one time were not as much as the priority of the central governments. The government did not go into the basics and quality of home construction.

2- Every year, 1,000 houses will be built in a year, which means the average will be to build 2.5-3 houses per day. It is intended to get success in this work before next 26 January.

3 – These projects will be made with modern technology and innovative processes. There will be less construction time and more affordable and comfortable houses will be ready for the poor.

4 – Asha India program is being run to promote research and startups related to modern housing technology within the country. Through this, new and inexpensive technology of building 21st century houses will be developed in India itself.

5 – Certificate course is also being started to upgrade the skills related to new technology to the people associated with building houses so that the countrymen can get the best technology and materials in the world in house construction.

6- The experts know about it. But the countrymen also need to know about them. Because today this technology is being used in a city, tomorrow it can be expanded across the country.

7- Now the focus of the country is on the needs of the poor and middle class. Now the country has given priority to the feelings and feelings of the people living in the city.

8- High interest rate of the bank, problems in getting loan was also a reason for this. The prices of houses had become so high that the confidence of their home had started falling apart. One reason was whether the law would support us or not, the situation in the housing sector was that people suspected that the law would not support them in the event of a mess.

9- The poor or the middle class living in the city, their biggest dream is their own home. The house in which their happiness, happiness and sorrow, children’s upbringing are associated. But in the past, people were losing their trust in their home.

10 – The government’s efforts are benefiting the middle class living in cities. The middle class is being given a rebate in interest on a home loan of a fixed amount for their house. At the time of the Corona crisis, the government started a special scheme for interest rebate on home loans.

11 – If we look at the work of lakhs of houses built under PM Awas Yojana, then there will be focus on both innovation and implementation.

12 – Along with the house being provided to the poor, the second scheme has also been added as a package. Water, electricity, gas, toilets and other necessary facilities are being ensured in the houses that the poor are getting.

13 – People now also have the power of law like RERA. RERA has returned confidence in the people that the project they are investing in will be completed, their house will not be cropped now. Today, about 60 thousand real estate projects in the country are registered under RERA. Thousands of complaints have been settled under this law.

14 – Housing4All, the all-round work being done to achieve this goal, is changing the lives of crores of poor and middle class families. These houses are boosting the confidence of the poor. These houses are increasing the power of the youth of the country.

15 – Many doors are opening with the keys of these houses. The key to the house opens the door to a dignified and safe life. It gives a confidence. This key is also opening the door to their progress.

16 – During the Corona crisis last year, another major step has also been taken. This step is Affordable rental housing complex scheme. The target of this scheme is our laborers, who come from one state to another or from village to city.

17 – In the reforms that have been done in the past years, our ranking has come directly from 185 to 27 on construction permits. The online system for construction-related permits has expanded to more than 2,000 cities.

18 – Investment on infrastructure and construction and especially on housing sector is a force multiplier in the economy. The presence of such a large amount of steel, cement, construction materials gives momentum to the whole sector.

19 – Government’s efforts are constantly going on to strengthen the real estate sector of the country. I believe that the dream of Housing4All will come true.

20- Those who did not accept the power of our laborers, Corona forced them to accept them. In cities, houses are not available to our workers at reasonable rent. It is the responsibility of all our countrymen to live life with our laboring dignity.

21- With this thinking, the government along with industries and other investors is emphasizing to build houses with reasonable rent and the effort is to have a house in the same area where they work.

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