PM Modi speaks from the ramparts of the Red Fort – India will win the war from Corona with the resolve power of 130 crore countrymen

Independence Day PM Speech: Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi) addressed the country for the 7th time after hoisting the flag on the ramparts of the Red Fort. Keeping in mind the ongoing coronavirus in the country, special attention was paid to social distancing at the Red Fort. The PM started the nation’s address by saying that in this extraordinary time of Corona, with the spirit of Seva Parmo Dharma, regardless of our lives our doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, ambulance personnel, sweepers, policemen, service personnel , Many people, are working round the clock continuously. He said that next year we will enter the 75th year of our independence. A huge festival is in front of us. Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed confidence that with the resolve power of 130 crore countrymen, India will win the ongoing war against the corona virus. Also Read – Independence Day 2020 Wallpaper & Status: Share this Independence Day with friends, these special wallpapers, states and photos

PM Modi said that there was no such period of slavery when there was no effort for freedom in any corner in India, there was no surrender. The idea of ​​expansionism did not just leave some countries enslaved, it did not end there. Even in the midst of fierce wars and terribleness, India did not allow the lack of moisture and freedom in the war of independence. Also Read – Independence Day 2020 Live: PM Modi speaks from Red Fort- We have to move forward with ‘Make in India’ as well as ‘Make for World’ mantra

He said that today is the day to remember the brave martyrs of the festival of freedom. Remembering them, you have to make new resolutions. When you are celebrating 75 years of independence, then you will also celebrate the festival of your resolutions. In such a long period of slavery, freedom has arisen from every region. An attempt was made to crush the soul of India in the era of slavery. Sham-daam-dand-bheda was used to erase our culture. Some people thought that they were going to rule here. A country with such diversity will never be able to fight together. But when the country came together with full force, it achieved independence. Also Read – Happy Independence Day 2020 Wishes: Send this Special, SMS and Quotes to Friends this Independence Day

PM Modi said that we know of the era when expansionist people are engaged in flagging, at that time India became independence center. The expansionists pushed the world into two or two world wars. But India created an atmosphere for freedom in the whole world. India became a challenge for expansionism.

PM Modi said that today the country is taking many new steps. We have tried to make India self-reliant and India will remain self-sufficient. PM Modi said that there was a time when our agricultural system was very backward. The biggest concern then was how to fill the stomach of the countrymen. Today when we can feed not only India but many countries of the world. PM Modi said that self-reliant India is not only meant to reduce imports, but to increase our skills based on our ability, also to advance that skill. There will be many challenges in a self-reliant India, but if these are the challenges, then the country also has the power to provide crores of solutions. The Prime Minister said that we do not just have to reduce imports, but go beyond that.

PM Modi said that now we have to move forward with the ‘Make for India’ mantra along with ‘Make in India’. He said that today will be our first priority to get the country out of the influence of Corona. The PM said that the word ‘self-reliant India’ has become a mantra for 130 crore countrymen.

The PM said that till just a few months ago, we used to get N-95 masks, PPE kits, ventilators from abroad. Today, in all these, India is not only fulfilling its own needs, but has also come forward to help other countries. He said that who could have thought that thousands of millions of crores of rupees will be directly transferred in the Jan Dhan accounts of the poor in the country? He said that who could have thought that such a big change would happen in the APMC Act for the benefit of farmers.

PM Modi said that in this period of change in India, the world is watching the reforms. Last year, FDI in India broke all records till date. FDI in India has increased by 18 percent. During the Corona period, the world’s big companies are turning to India. This belief has not come like this.

He said that the mindset of independent India should be – ‘Vocal for Local’. We should glorify our local products. If we do not glorify our things, then he will not get a chance to become good, his courage will not grow.

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