PM Modi to ride VVIP aircraft ‘Air India One’ soon, officer went to America


new Delhi: Senior Air India officials have gone to America to acquire the B777 aircraft from the Boeing Company. This aircraft will be used by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other top celebrities. This information was given by senior officials on Friday. Also Read – Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana Gramin: By 2022, the poor will get homes, know how it will be…

A senior Air India official said, “Some senior officials of the central government are also part of the team, which has gone to America to take aircraft from Boeing.” The official said that another B777 aircraft from Boeing is expected in September. Also Read – PM Narendra Modi’s new record, became the first non-Congress Prime Minister to live for the longest time

Both these aircraft were expected to meet in July, which would be used only for VVIP travel. However, due to Kovid-19, their supply was delayed for a few weeks. Also Read – Mahant Nritya Gopal Das COVID positive, head of Ram Janmabhoomi Trust, can be recruited in Medanta Hospital

Another official said that during the VVIP trip, both B777 aircraft will be flown by Indian Air Force pilots and not Air India pilots.

Presently, the Prime Minister, President and Vice President travel by Air India B747 aircraft called “Air India One”. Air India pilots fly these B747 aircraft for VVIP and are looked after by AI Engineering Services Limited. The new aircraft will only be used for VVIP travel.

The B-777 aircraft will have a state-of-the-art missile defense system, called Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures and Self Protection Suite. The US agreed to sell both defense systems in February for $ 19 million.

These may be the features of VVIP aircraft Air India One
-VVIP aircraft to be EW jammers in Air India One
– EW jammer will block enemy’s radar signal, electronic signal
– Air India One will not be able to hit the missile due to the jammer.
– VVIP aircraft is a missile approach system located behind Air India One
– Missile Approach System will fire fire of any missile.
– This system will also tell how far the missile is, how fast it is coming and at what height.
– Aircraft Air India One will have flares to protect against heat sink missiles
– These flares will be able to emit so much heat that the missile’s direction can deviate.
– There will be an aircraft mirror ball system which will jam the infrared signal
– Infrared signal will be able to block the signals of modern missiles operating on the infrared navigation system – Blocking the signal will fail the missile
– VVIP aircraft will also be the most modern and secure satellite communication system in Air India One
– Through secure satellite communication system, PM Modi can not only keep in touch on the ground but can interact in any corner of the world.
– Because the communication system of the aircraft is very safe, the conversations with it will not be tapped.


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