Pochettino’s reaction to a conference question: “I’m still a PSG coach, right?”

Mauricio Pochettino Lecture

On the eve of the match against Montpellier for Date 37 of Ligue 1, Mauricio Pochettino gave a press conference in which he did not feel entirely comfortable with some questions. The Argentine coach, who has a link with the Parisian entity until mid-2023, took it for granted that he will continue to lead the bench, despite the fact that some rumors indicate that the owner sheikhs could remove him to replace him with Zinedine Zidane or Marcelo Gallardo.

Al bag They consulted him about the future of the goalkeepers in the squad and he replied: “The club will make the decisions it deems appropriate. Like last summer, the decision was made to sign Donnarumma with Keylor Navas, Sergio Rico and others. Then everyone will have their opinion. It may or may not change something. That power belongs to the club, which will make decisions with the best for the team and the institution in mind”. His answer invited cross-examination, since the exposed ambiguity regarding his participation in decision-making required it.

So, when they told him if he was also going to participate in the determinations regarding the continuity of the goalkeepers, he reacted: I think I’m still the coach, right? I am still the coach of Paris Saint Germain. It’s an obvious question. I am a coach, I am from the club, like any of the people who work in this entity. Logically, as I am the coach, I am within the organizational chart of decisions that the club prepares to make “.

At the same time, the 50-year-old coach asked that no comparisons be made with other clubs and looked to the future: “It is clear that beyond the fact that there are a couple of weeks left, the club is preparing for next season. There is no doubt that this is so.” And when they told him if he was waiting for an announcement of Kylian Mbappé about his continuity, he clarified: “That is a question for Kylian. I hope it’s something positive for us, but the question is for him.”

PSG has just become champion of Ligue 1, a title that clarified the frustrations generated by the elimination in the French Cup and the Champions League. In this regard, Pochettino analyzed: “When we look at the last three ties, we were the closest to defeating Real Madrid. More than Chelsea or Manchester City. We had bad moments in certain periods that made it impossible for us to continue in the competition. We’ve been very close, he’s gone.” And he completed: “After being eliminated in the Champions League, the team had a difficult moment, especially against Monaco, but they got up and ended up winning the league in a very worthy way. You have to value it. And from there keep trying.”


Pochettino with the president of PSG, Nasser Al-Khelaifi (REUTERS / Juan Medina)
Pochettino with the president of PSG, Nasser Al-Khelaifi (REUTERS / Juan Medina)

· “The most important thing is to compete in the best way. It’s a matter of honour, to win, to look good, to give a good image, to be professional. Above all, give that feeling that football is played for pride”

· “We have changed the system in recent games, with a different tactical development. But it is also not the time to look for many different things. The important thing is to finish in the best way and have responsibility because 90% of our squad will continue to compete with their national teams and we want them to arrive in the best way”


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