Pokemon: Let’s Go player gets a shiny Magikarp in the most twisted way


How you can tell that the years have passed and we have become adults: a player has obtained a shiny Magikarp in Pokémon Let’s Go (Pikachu/Eevee) after three years testing. A whole news for the community, and we are serious: it is not because the guy has spent 3 years looking for him and fishing for each of the waters of this installment of the saga versioned for Switch, it is that there is a seller in a Pokémon Center of Route 4 that sells it. But if he acquires it, he will give you a normal one in principle.

And it’s not cheap, by the way. It costs $ 500 each. And we repeat: Shiny Pokémon are hard to come by and rare. In fact there are users who dedicate a qualified amount of time to find them searching everywhere and trying their luck. In this case, the user in question has spent 3 years buying Magikarp after Magikarp from the seller and as a result, hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars of Pokémon later …

Outrageous you said? from r/pokemon

Voilà! A Shiny Magikarp, as we are told in Comicbook. This finding Pokémon of rare colors is a success for players, although the most abundant are those that swarm the streets and we can hunt in Pokémon GO.

Not long ago we knew that the Let’s Go installments were going to be more difficult, but in the end the thing was lowered, which has even provoked criticism from the fan community. But it is a thing of the past, since Game Freak does not even consider releasing more installments of this style.

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