Pokémon trainers were going to use whips, but whipping Pikachu and his friends didn’t seem ideal


Before collecting medals, Game Freak valued a system of ranks with belts similar to that of martial arts.

In little more than two weeks we will be enjoying the last great adventure of the franchise of Game Freak with Pokémon Legends: Arceus, promising to be an evolution for the saga, but the veteran saga does not stop surprising us with curiosities of its first traces already ago over 25 years. This time, it has to do with a ranking system which was raised for Pokémon trainers.

Game Freak saw it as cruelSimilar to martial arts, coaches would get different belts of different colors, instead of the famous medals of the gyms. It doesn’t seem like a crazy solution to represent the progress of our deliverers, except that Game Freak thought that these same belts used to whip our Pokémon.

The story has been published by the YouTube channel DidYouKnowGaming?, y surge del libro exclusivo en Japón, ‘Game Freak: The Creative Group Rewrite the Rules in the World of Play’, escrito por Akihito Tomisawa, developer at Game Freak. “The developers decided that humans should be ‘ranked’ as Pokémon trainers. The initial idea was that as the player’s Pokémon reached a certain level of strength, they would win ‘belts’ like in martial arts“, explains Tomisawa in the book.

The trainers’ belts would serve as a whip for the Pokémon“Well, if you get a belt, what if you could use it as a training whip? Like a red whip, a black whip or a yellow whip”. The developer explains that finally, they chose to raise pokemon as a pet, “his relationship with the player should be more friendly“, so he ended up opting for the medals, “it was too cruel have the player whip their Pokémon,” Tomisawa said. As Nintendo Life points out, although the idea was scrapped, the original games featured many trainers who they carry a whip in their final design. Just yesterday we got to see the new animated video of the lovable Bidoof, and it’s really hard to imagine anyone willing to spank him with a belt.

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