Poker Winning Tips for New Players


Poker Winning Tips for New Players

Many people can play well and win with their buddies, but it is another thing to be playing in casinos. What often leads to a loss of money for new players, is a rookie who thinks he knows it all. A player wants to come off as confident, but not cocky.

Playing with Financial Sense

Before hitting the casinos, it’s good to take a realistic look at how much money is in the bank account and how much can be spent at the tables. New players might feel like they need to be spending big bucks to represent themselves well, but it’s better to play within one’s financial limits.

Playing beyond one’s means can lead to a lot of stress and poor choices. Poker is supposed to be fun, and when a player is worried about how he will win back his money so he can afford his rent then the fun is definitely gone. Playing responsibly will allow the player to concentrate properly on the game and free him from money worries and potential troubles.

Playing with the Big Boys and Girls

Watching TV and movies, people see big stars going into casinos and sitting at a high stakes table and winning big. For rookies at a casino, the outcome will most likely not be a happy ending if they try to do the same. It’s much better to start small and work one’s way up. Look for smaller limit games and play against people who are at about the same skill level. Think of poker like doing a triathlon. A person can’t expect to just sign up and win a triathlon without first putting in the time and training to be able to complete the race first. It takes a lot of work to build up the skill, endurance and strength that’s needed.

Throwing Away a Hand Can be a Good Thing

Many rookies think that they should be playing as many hands as possible, and that if they are not playing the whole game then they are not playing. It might seem boring to be throwing away a lot of hands, but if winning is the goal, it is important to wait for the good hands and the best situation.

It’s also a good idea for new poker players to read up on ways to identify and best play a premium hand. There is a lot of information out there from the Internet to books that can provide tips and improve skills.

Play from a Good Place

A player needs to be aware of his mental state while playing live games. Good players are alert, observant and focused on their game. When someone is on a winning streak he can feel on the top of his game, and just the opposite can happen when he has lost several hands. Rookies can feel like they have lost their edge and can start to make poor choices even though they know better. When a sense of desperation sets in, it’s time to take a break from the game.

Tips for playing poker include playing with humility and within one’s financial limits. Start out at smaller tables and be choosy about the hands one plays. And, when a player feels himself losing his cool along with his money, it’s a good time to walk away from the table.

Is Online Poker Illegal?

There has been a lot of misleading information about the legality of online poker over the past few years. It must be stressed that for an American player to play for real money on an online poker room is NOT illegal.

It is Legal to Play Online Poker

The thing to remember about the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) is that it does not stop players from playing online poker. What it does do is stop them from depositing money from a U.S. financial institution, like a bank or credit card company, to an online poker room. The UIGEA has roots in the Interstate Wire Act of 1961 that loosely links itself to prohibiting bets across state and international lines over the internet. U.S. courts have already ruled against this interpretation of the forty-year-old law in relation to the online gambling.

Well before June 1st, 2010 the online poker community already started to follow the guidelines vaguely set out by the UIGEA. Many players have found their credit cards and bank transfers are not going through, making it more difficult for U.S. players to play online for real money. But there are ways to play for substance and real money.

Playing for Real Money After the UIGEA

Even though the U.S. government has tried to keep online poker rooms away from its citizens there are still a number of rooms open to the U.S. public such as the largest PokerStars. Many online poker players have found free poker money from various affiliate sites to be an easy, and definitely free way to play online poker as they are not the ones depositing the money. These free bankrolls are excellent ways to: one, get something for free; and two, deposit a small amount of money into a poker room without it being blocked for illegal reasons. Obviously, these bankrolls aren’t enormous, but this is a great way to get started playing.

Over the years there have also been a number of online poker communities that have sprung up and have a virtual currency system and can be exchanged for goods and even poker money. The websites will often hold tournaments using their virtual currency to help give value to what would normally be play money. There’s always value out there to be found, but only if you can find it.

The Future of Online Poker

Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) was the loudest voice against the UIGEA in the U.S. government. It was his goal to regulate the world of online gambling and tax a percentage of all money deposited, thus keeping track of the money leaving the country.


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