Political crisis ends in Rajasthan Gehlot government won the trust vote; Pilot said – speculation stopped


Jaipur: After the political pullout in Rajasthan for nearly a month, the Congress government led by Ashok Gehlot won the confidence vote in the assembly on Friday. The house passed the vote of confidence motion brought by the government by voice. While giving his reply on the proposal, Gehlot rejected all the allegations made by the opposition. He said, “I reject all the allegations … Rajasthan has been appreciated by the country and the world for dealing with the situation of corona virus epidemic.” Also Read – Sachin Pilot said that the seat changed in the assembly- ‘Opposition was placed because the border …’

After the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly session, Sachin Pilot said that the confidence vote was passed by majority inside the house today, which was being speculated, they have got a break. He said about changing his seat, “Earlier I was part of the government, today I am not, but who sits here is not important, what is in people’s hearts and minds is more important… till the last breath of life I am Dedicated to the state. ” Also Read – Rajasthan: BSP issued whip to defected MLAs, said- vote this party during floor test …

Gehlot, after coming out of the assembly, said, “There is a wave of happiness in the entire state. The BJP conspiracy has failed. The people of Rajasthan have won. We have come together to fight Kovid. ” He said, “Just like the conspiracy that BJP had conspired in Karnataka inside Madhya Pradesh and in many other states, they adopted the same policy in Rajasthan. But the BJP was exposed in Rajasthan. They have understood that their plan has failed. ” Also Read – Assembly session will start from today after the landing of Sachin Pilot, Congress will bring a vote of confidence, know BJP’s strategy

Earlier, Gehlot alleged inside the assembly, “BJP and the central government conspired to topple his government but his dreams of splitting the Congress clan will never come true”. Gehlot pointing to opposition BJP Said, “Your high command has decided that the Rajasthan government will fall and I have decided that I will not let it fall at any cost.”

Targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah, he said that only two people are ruling the country. Gehlot said, “Democracy in the country is under threat, which all of us should worry about.” During the debate on the proposal, Gehlot referred to the sarcasm over the tussle between the Chief Minister and Sachin Pilot by opposition leaders several times. It was described as an internal matter of the party. He said, “Who are the BJPers who speak about our party?” This is an internal matter of our party. “

Rejecting the allegations of MLAs’ phone taps, Gehlot said, “We don’t have any phone taps.” I want to assure you. “After the Chief Minister’s reply, the House accepted the government’s vote of confidence by voice. Assembly Speaker CP Joshi announced the acceptance of the proposal of the House to express confidence in the Council of Ministers. After this, the proceedings of the House were adjourned till August 21. Earlier, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shanti Dhariwal moved the motion of confidence on behalf of the government and said that in Rajasthan, “neither a king walks nor a dictator.”

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