Possible switch: Give us Pogba and take Verane


News going around the internet indicates that there is a possible player switch between Real Madrid and Manchester United. The unconfirmed reports claim that Real Madrid may allow the Red Devils to sign in Raphael Varane on the condition that they give them Paul Pogba. Both players are out of contract next summer, if this happens, this will be a win-win situation for both teams. Kate Richardson (view her profile ) explores how this may play out and the impact it will have on both teams. If you have trustly sports betting, this is a story that you should follow as it is likely to influence your future bets while being offered a convenient payment option.

Similarities and differences

One commentator who was reacting to the news which has been floating around for a few days said the deal is possible but depends on several factors. The two players have a lot in common and that is why the deal has been referred to as a win-win for both European football giants.

Perhaps we should start with general similarity as we try to digest this news which may turn out to be the biggest in Europe in the coming months as the region prepares for the start of leagues in mid-august.

  • One, these two players have their contract entering the last year, so they will be free to make their next moves which can even opt to remain in their current teams.
  • Secondly, the players are both in their late twenties meaning they still have some time in their careers to make several moves.
  • Each player is highly valued by his side with contemporary estimates putting each at €80 million.
  • It is also not lost that each club would like to keep its player but none would want to lose their star for free one year down the line
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The difference comes in when you consider that the deal lies in the figure that each team wants in exchange for a player. Manchester United seems desperate to sign in Varane given the experience and quality he may bring into the shaky defense. Real have been coveting Pogba for a long, this may be the reason why they may have agreed to release Varane if at all these reports hold any water. In return the Spanish side will be in for a big catch; a player who would improve their defense and attack sides. This would increase the prospects of the team winning another league title as well as the European championship.

Both teams stand to gain with these transfers but we will wait to see whether this materializes given that Real Madrid officials have been on the record strongly indicating their plans. They are looking for a big catch and the money that they would get from the Varane deal will come in handy for such a transaction.

Other options on the table

Although Real Madrid would want Pogba by their side, some other options may be better; they are also eyeing Kylian Mbappe but the player may prove to be costly for the club given the hard economic times and their empty coffers. Some have commented on this option with predictions that Madrid may prefer selling Varane to get some cash and buy Mbappe. This would mean keeping Progba waiting for another day as they cannot afford another buy and also don’t want to risk having a star-studded team. This would be a big blow for the Red Devils as they seem determined to get Varane. Apart from Varane, Manchester is eyeing another French player, who like the Real Madrid defender will be coming in to strengthen the center defense and midfield.

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There have been reports that Pogba may be interested in a move to PSG, this would further complicate the matters for Manchester United as this would lower their leverage in the transfer game.

Will this happen?

There are reports that Real Madrid will out rightly reject the proposal during the summer transfer window. AS a Spanish media outlet has been quoted saying that Manchester United was looking forward to the swap but was quick to point that Real Madrid may not be easily tempted by the deal giving that they have been holding the player for a significant fee for the French defender.

For Manchester United, Varane will be a crucial addition to the current team. With Real Madrid set to reject the deal, Red Devils are losing hope of clinching the offer. Red Devils are not willing to pay and there are reports that the club is shopping elsewhere in their quest to sign in a new defender.

They seem desperate to get Varane to an extent that they are willing to offer one of their strong players in exchange. The deal does not involve any cash exchange. This story to some seems far farfetched; some see claims of a possible sale maybe just hot air while others base their arguments on the already available players and the possible signing of Sancho. They also see the availability of Fernandez and Beek and their possible playing of Pogba’s position as an indication that these claims may hold some truth.

With the transfer debate hot in the air, we will be treated to all manner of speculations. Some will be true while others will be diversionary tactics. It will be interesting to find out whether some of these deals turn out to be true. All in all, there are going to be several transfers, some might surprise us while others may disappoint. All we can do is wait as the deals unfold.

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