Pregnant turned college student in live-in, lover arrives behind bars on denial of marriage

Gurugram news: A young woman, who had thousands of dreams of beautiful life, came from her city hundreds of kilometers away to Delhi-NCR, the country’s capital. At the age of 22, this young woman wanted to achieve everything very soon in career, studies and love. She studied in college and also used to work in a private company to meet the expenses of studies. Accompanied by a student studying in a college in Gurugram from Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. 10 months ago she met a stranger young man through one of her friends. He fell in love with the first meeting with this Ajbani, but from the live-in to the ruin of this relationship, there is something like that… which often comes up many times. The tragic outcome of this love story has recently come to light a few days ago in Gurugram. Also Read – NCR had wings of dreams, first love with love, live-in and then ruin

When age begins to pass through the blooming flowers of life, it does not take long to climb the desire for love and it is possible that someone will fall in love. Garnish beautiful dreams for the future in your eyes, and if you have the desire of a good friend in your life, then suddenly a stranger will fall in love. Something similar happened when this young girl, studying in a college and working in a private company, met a 23-year-old man from Palasoli village in Gurugram through one of his friends. In the first meeting, there was a friendship between the two and both came into relationship. Both started living in live-in sector-40 police station area. Also Read – Delhi NCR New Rules: These rules apply for travelers coming from Delhi, a big decision of local administration

When you started living in a relationship, then how could the physical distances be good then? Where does one feel in such relationships at this age, when body language is building the relationship under the pretext of love. The girl reached her village while living in a live-in for several months. Here she did not feel well, so when she reached the doctor, she told that she was pregnant. Also Read – Married at the age of two and a half, when she was 20, she refused to accept the boy as her husband, now …

After all, that is what happens today, the result of such relationships. When the woman told her boyfriend of Gurugram, Aman Shah, that she was pregnant, she broke the ties of love and promises of living together in a single stroke, turning all the relations away. The girlfriend tried to convince the lover several times but all went in vain.

The woman started living under stress due to the breakdown of everything in the relationship. Every day in the event of deep depression, he decided to complain to the police. The woman complained to her boyfriend Aman Shah at Gurugram’s Sector-40 police station, accusing them of making physical relations by pretending to be married.

This story of love starts from a meeting, dosti dosti, crossing the time spent in Livin to deception. Police arrested the fraudulent lover on the complaint of the woman and sent him to jail on a serious charge like rape.

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